Limits to the Five Senses?

A sense of time, what sense is this?

A sense of vision, no?

Vision Touch Hearing Smelling Taste

A sense of smell, now mean it like visionary vision

A sense of vision. What?

If vision can be expanded to the imagination

If vision has a passport to the future, but

A sense of hearing… Them voices you mean?

Why hold back the other senses from expanding?

What’s the expanded form of sense of touch?

Good taste may be yummy to all the senses

Our senses our sense of self or sense of selves

Why is only visionary rewarded esteemed healthy?

Hear into the future or imagination, smell feel

Taste these  results

Feel how it will feel

Hear it’s voices

Fall in love


Out of Sync
Out of Sync

Some Inner Outer Beings Artfully Synced-Waywardspirt Art
Inner Beings Outer Beings Artfully Sync





Wondering to Forty-Two

101_38 OneThe answer to Life, the Universe and Everything is 42. I get my own forty-two and it’s free for me just one year from today.

Ask the right questions and 42 will be the answer. Question is, what are the right questions?

Wondering could help with this. That’s what this whole affair is about so I may as well actually do it here. Do it here rather than in my usual paper form. Just for this one countdown.

A Waywardspirit Wondering Countdown to 42.

Yep my own personal answer to Life The Universe and Everything is on it’s Way!

Wonder-up the questions, I will. So when I get the answer to this meaning of Life, The Universe and Everything I may , hopefully, know what the question was.

For the next 365 then (give or take), Waywardspirit will be Wondering to 42.


Is Choice the Magic Ingredient?

Let the will of the Lord be done unto me…

Don’t bother sweetheart, you don’t have a choice.

Virgin Mary, You Don't Have a Choice
Blessed Virgin, who said you get a choice?

 This Annunciation transforms Pietà into His Mama Cries in one simple step.


Ruben’s Annunciation

Annunciation by Murrillo

Waywardspirit’s Annunciation

Which hat? Choice can go a long

Leonardo Da Vinci Annunciation

This Is Not a Trap

Part ii of:

Because Every Day Is Fucking Magical

Watch your step. Come in. Come in!
Right through this door. No mater that you don’t see it.

You step over the threshold into an aura magnificence. You can tell by the eager faces behind you.
You feel it. You bow your head. You bow because the person if front of you bowes.

The line of visitors behind you eagerly push you forward. Ceiling is lower. You bow deeper.

wpid-2012-10-21-15.31.40-1.jpgYou are compelled.
Reverence by low ceiling. 
Lower, lower. You bow.

Then you kneel before the Alter of Le Clown.

The passage is narrow. The way through is forward.

You do obeisance to LeClown. LeClown trademarked God™.  Waywardspirit heisted LeClown’s magnificence™.
So God™ is in Waywardspirit’s pocket.
As you bow before the altar of Le Clown owner of God™ your power got sucked out of you and into Waywrdspirit’s Magical Power-Saver Gene Jars™.
Your power just got sucked out and stored up just like when you sign your signature.

Thanks for coming.
Invite your friends.
Come back next week for great rewards in heaven™.
You’ve earned them!


Part iii  …coming next week.