Limits to the Five Senses?

A sense of time, what sense is this?

A sense of vision, no?

Vision Touch Hearing Smelling Taste

A sense of smell, now mean it like visionary vision

A sense of vision. What?

If vision can be expanded to the imagination

If vision has a passport to the future, but

A sense of hearing… Them voices you mean?

Why hold back the other senses from expanding?

What’s the expanded form of sense of touch?

Good taste may be yummy to all the senses

Our senses our sense of self or sense of selves

Why is only visionary rewarded esteemed healthy?

Hear into the future or imagination, smell feel

Taste these  results

Feel how it will feel

Hear it’s voices

Fall in love


Out of Sync
Out of Sync
Some Inner Outer Beings Artfully Synced-Waywardspirt Art
Inner Beings Outer Beings Artfully Sync





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