5 thoughts on “Has Christ returned in the Clouds of Heaven?

  1. Is “Christ” an interface, energy, app, system, a way-a relationship?

    If so you could be: __________ Christ.

    I could be Waywardspirit Christ. Then, I could do my best to flow…roll like the energy….not like that one guy, though. That would suck. I like my own path.
    What would the world be like if C.H.R.I.S.T. is underway returning in all of us? Returning as in us in the clouds.
    *imagines one white robed guy appearing above Dallas in the clouds above traffic*
    Smart one.

    Once a mystery, now, just the cloud. We are all in the clouds. : )
    I’ll find Christ here one way or another, so his ass better appear.

    WEre and how do you think this thing happens ( or not )?


    1. Oh, yeah Carl.
      Why didn’t I think of that.
      Okay. I’ll take ever in our mist. I guess that could be heart….weather we know it about ourselves and others or not…her Christ is. Might as well download the app. ha


    1. Thanks for the link
      I checked it out
      I’m obviously blind
      Never could see much in clouds tho
      God is in clouds as well as everywhere so might as well see him there too.
      Since you are able
      Enjoy the sky art!
      Not everyone sees Christ in my work either so don’t feel bad.
      Yet like you, I experience.
      : )


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