8 thoughts on “Most Sacred? No? Try Giving “Him” Up

    1. What thinkest thou?

      Could be any atribute of any people. Anything we only hear one story about. Could be the 1%, or black, or not going to heaven, or got a bj in the oval office, polygamous, moslim, anything evil, err, other, I guess.


      1. Try Borges English collection, “Labyrinths” (1962). But do not believe almost anything you read in it – about 75% of the footnotes & references are fictitious, the remainder are genuine. Fun, chaos & madness in a whirl of magical realism.


            1. Delicious mix!
              Precisely like what you taunt me with. A mix of gotta read Borges now! and damn, I haven’t and when will I get to? Library calls. : D
              If I still had my shelf where he waited for me, I date him now. *taunted*


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