7 thoughts on “Reification Apples

    1. Lewis

      Your curiosity and wonder are favorite.
      What I did?
      It’s rather like the old riding on light at it’s speed and wondering that’s all. Then after all the fun wondering.
      If I managed everything I want in the world…
      Then remembering a book title. A book I didn’t read, How To Think Like Einstain. Create Like Davinci.
      Some disscussions on the way us humans reiafy, make an abstract idea concrete but no longer true. Like in the name of probably meant something else like having a clear intention like so and so did. I guess there was no word for process in them ancient languages so instead of follow the process Jesus followed if you can and have as good a why and you may have as much impact and live even if you die, on purpose. It may be a worthwile adventure. You could be super challenged and come alive.
      Instead we get “follow Jesus”. Pray in his name.
      Imagining Jesus like a teen with his adored little sibs trailing him.
      You are so annoying! Stop following me!
      So I felt sorry for him and walked a mile in his shoes.
      Then he came out laughing at me in his shoes. How bout them apples!
      It’s the theory of relativity.
      Nothing really happened.
      Except I couldn’t stop laughing at reification and myself and how unsatisfying it would be to be “him”.
      Then I applied The Love Song of Alfred Profock to how I came to imagine him:
      That’s not what I meant at all
      That’s not what I meant at all

      So there.
      Now I remind myself of how your poems twist my mind or some other invisible organ..


      1. aha … I see, so like what doesn’t happen when, ‘If You Meet the Buddha on the Road, Kill Him!’* otherwise you believe it’s all true out there which stops you at all becoming a Buddha, which is your own true nature; anyway; after all …

        … but then how true is your own nature that you realised this and drew the picture of it and ironic’d yourself mecilessly about it – salute!

        *koan propounded by Lin Chi


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