Judgement Day

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English: Line art drawing of a scorpion

Remember when we were dumb?

Seven-year-olds looking back at being six.

Remember we thought we ‘d get lost if we walked over there behind those trees?


We were so dumb!

Remember when we were dumb?

We used to be so dumb.  Every year.  Then, the next year we were smart.

One of my sisters or I would inevitably pop the question.  We laugh at our old dumb selves.  Then start remembering something even dumber.

Remember when we used to fight for Roundy?

Yeah!  That was so dumb!

No it wasn’t!  Food actually tastes better when you eat it with the one-and-only round spoon!

Remember when Sandra decided to just keep the dang thing in her pocket all day?  She could instantly win the fight to eat supper with Roundy?

Well that was smart.  Till it fell out of her pocket into the outhouse.

Remember how mad I was at her?  She was so dumb!  I chased her all over to get her to stop and listen to how mad I was, and how dumb that was.  When I caught her I punched her.  Wow.  She slapped me back. So I had to chase her to hit her back.  I was so dumb!

We were thirteen when it dawned on us that we were always going to have been dumb.

What are we going to think is just dumb?

What are we going to know was really dumb?

What is gonna be really, really dumb and what will be, cringe, so, soooooo dumb?

Remember when we used to believe snakes and scorpions would chase you as soon as they look at you?  Remember we used to practice out-running snakes?


Remember we thought scorpions were gonna be as big as squirrels. They were going to chase us with their stinging squirrel tails curled forward to jab us to death with that one deadly poison sting.

We were so dumb!

Scorpion (Photo credit: patrikneckman)

We could try to avoid some of those.

We tried.

It hasn’t worked.

I can still sit and ask my sisters this same question and get the same kind of answers.  Still makes me cringe. Still embarrassing.  Still unthinkable.  Still nothing we can do about being so dumb.

Remember when we thought “bad people” were all going to hell?

Yeah, and we really felt dark skin was inferior, too.

Yeah.  Don’t remind me!

Remember black people just were never going to add-up?

It’s to soon to remember that one.  I don’t want to remember when we were dumb.

Well, we really did believe that.

I know we did!  But it’s so embarrassing.  I’d rather remember squirrel tailed scorpions.  Remember we argued whether scorpions were furry like squirrels or reptilian like lizards?

Remember when I found a lizard that curled up it’s tail when it raced by?  I ran like hell.  It was a baby scorpion and had a momma scorpion, like a mamma bear, near by.

Yeah and I took you to find that lizard to prove that scorpions were lizardy not squirrelly.  Remember we figured hunting a dragon.  We crept into a dragon’s lair, over there between that cactus and those two bushes.  Glad we practiced running like hell.  This scorpion might attacked us.

I was so going to prove to you that scorpions were more dragon-lizard than vicious-squirrel.  I had already practiced my acceptance speech.

Remember a tiny scorpion.  The stare in disbelief at the puny thing after we shook, ran just from the name?  Just a weird insect thingy.  After we named it we ran for our lives.  Deadly!

Remember we thought gay was an abomination, condemned?

Would you please shut up!

Remember when….

I’m not listening!

Okay remember when we puffed our bangs up into that big forward arch?  Remember we thought that was tho only pretty way to do bangs?

I try not to!

Oh, but even worse, we thought there was one right way to heaven and we were on it.  All ten of us, while everyone else was going to hell.  That wasn’t the worst part though.  Everyone else was going to hell unless we showed them the right way.

Yeah, okay, I remember, unfortunately… See ya the hell later.  I’m getting out of here.  Want anything from the store?


Judgement day sucks!

Judgement gained:  Priceless!

In response to The Daily Post

Daily Prompt: Judgement Day


11 thoughts on “Judgement Day

    1. It’s all dumb!
      Or not
      Whatever way you look at it.
      Some things are just wrong.
      Still wonder what those are right now.
      You always add something profound and raw Will. It’s really good to have you around. You really help. I need it. Your perspective brightens and etches everything.
      Stay close by please. I need you.


  1. did you mean gay? Remember we thought guy was an abomination, condemned?



  2. wait, what? I went to comment and saw that I already commented?? Is this an old post?

    jenniferlebaronsays: March 28, 2013 at 1:25 pm did you mean gay? Remember we thought guy was an abomination, condemned?



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