13 thoughts on “A Wonderful World Opposition Free-An Essay

    1. Your perspective means a great deal to me, Carl. I so appreciate you offering me this gift of our thoughts. Sometimes, to know I’m in good company is the best part.
      You are my company. : )



    1. I’ll mach to that clear amazing battle cry!
      Mostly just coming along so you keep making me laugh thought really.
      The world is freed by laughter anyway.

      I mean look the absurdity of our “support systems”. Really look. It’s a joke.
      If you look past the pain, oh, and you are a pro at that, we can all laugh our own crap out of existence as it so becomes irrelevant.
      You do a public service. ; )
      Guess that makes you a public servant.
      I’m the public…..so… ; )


        1. I’m not yet, unless you infect me with your sense of insanity, funny enough even to touch a reply to this!

          Cultural Note: Those of us un-endowed with a sense of humor have the right and moral obligation to classify the enormously endowed as twisted or crazy.


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