Is Choice the Magic Ingredient?

Let the will of the Lord be done unto me…

Don’t bother sweetheart, you don’t have a choice.

Virgin Mary, You Don't Have a Choice
Blessed Virgin, who said you get a choice?

 This Annunciation transforms Pietà into His Mama Cries in one simple step.


Ruben’s Annunciation

Annunciation by Murrillo

Waywardspirit’s Annunciation

Which hat? Choice can go a long

Leonardo Da Vinci Annunciation

23 thoughts on “Is Choice the Magic Ingredient?

  1. Nice linking of concepts. Chronologically speaking, choice only appeared on the scene when Jesus said, “Follow me”.
    Conception in the scene to which you refer was “immaculate”, therefore no little dingy needed. Like your drawing otherwise.
    In an unrelated matter, the “s” is part of Rubens’ name, so the apostrophe appears as I have typed it here. No choice there. 😉


    1. As soon as I am able I will pay you consulting/editing fees, Allison. Thank you! You are the best.

      Why did I get the idea that choice started in the Garden with the apple. I guess I was mistaken.

      In the religion of The Matrix, and in the posted link to a terrific blog post on choosing what hat you want to wear to best enjoy whatever your experience, choice makes all the difference, it seems.

      “Follow me”, a whole new level of choice. An upgrade of choice options. : )
      Immaculate matters. Mary got a choice. Perhaps that matters just as much.
      It seems like choice is a big part of what meaning is made up of.
      Sometimes looking at the opposite helps me value what I didn’t value before.
      So, I give you, a virgin (unmarried woman) without a choice.


      1. Quite right you are: Eve did make a choice in the Garden of Eden. So biblically, choice has always existed – ever since the dawn of consciousness, shall we say?. For example, Adam got to choose a name everything. Eve had the freedom to choose to let the serpent beguile her, even though this choice was against the specific instructions/stated will of God. The result of her rebelliion, or choice against God’s will (and Adam’s compliance with Eve’s will instead of God’s), was banishment from Eden, and a curse from God which included “enmity” between men and women, sorrows and an unyielding earth with lots of dust (Genesis Ch. 3).
        Mary had a choice too. She does not undergo the Immaculate Conception and wake up one morning having regretted wearing her blue titty dress when out capturing unicorns the day before (read my blog on “Mushrooms, unicorns and little green apples”). 😉
        Instead, she is greeted, nay, hailed by the Angel Gabriel and told that God has already blessed her, permanently, like. They then have a conversation in which Gabriel explains the whole deal to her, to which – and this is the important part – **Mary gives her consent** when she says, “Behold the hand maid of the Lord; be it unto to me according to thy word.” In other words, Mary, being of sound mind and body, says, “Yes!” Mary’s choice is in keeping with God’s will (unlike Eve’s). The doubters among us will have to comment that it is no accident that we have this story – as a kind of antithesis to the Eve debâcle – and not some other story explaining what the deal-breaker was for a hypothetical individual virgin not named Mary which chronologically preceded the one we do have in Luke, Ch. 1.
        Please note that I am not trying to convert anyone – especially since I have bordered on the sacreligious twice in one week. Why not?Because we all have the choice as to what we believe and how we believe.
        As to payment for editing remarks, I have to say that they are freely given – some might say *too* freely given.


      1. Choice is the magic, yet you are saying that Lucifer, Son of the Morning, The Morning Star blew the first bubble? What are the implications?
        Oh, your comment struck me. I left it open to reply a while back, but words were swallowed by the void. Then, Lucifer himself put your comment in spam! So, if you try to respond and get “your comment is awaiting moderation”, it’s Lucifer’s fault. I trust you.


          1. Never thought of it just like that.
            “So, much for an omnipotent deity?”

            I resent the the way you just made me think (and wonder). There are to many implications… I didn’t want to go there!
            Go burn yourself at the stake or something already.

            As for me, I was just trying to say that choice is good, but now you say it is the gift from Lucifer, yet Lucifer brought about all this pain.
            I’m totally lost. (Thanks to you.) : (


            1. Perhaps religion & choice make poor bedfellows? Choice can never be given, either by gods, messengers (fallen or otherwise) or by politicians (they all merely offer alternatives) it can only be taken; it’s not a gift – at its best it is what frees us, at its worst it is why we burn.


              1. Yes. I agree. Choice is. Choice just is. Choice exists irrespective of your belief – and regardless of where on the vast timeline of Planet Earth you were born. (Huge assumption: I am assuming we are all human.)


                1. “… I am assuming we are all human.” Well, speaking personally, “Yes.” But I’ll be honest, I was rather hoping for something with a little more élan. Maybe next time.


                    1. Oh yes, that is what human seems to be at our mass chosen common denominator, so, yeah I’m hungry for what ever elan (with an accent) cooked up tastes like. Wow, I’m famished just from reading that monologue.
                      Looking for movie.
                      Thinking of mushrooms blue tity dresses unicorns and blasphomy…there is some elan, going to investigate….


                    1. Without looking today, found this on Lucifer as Promethius bringing the gift of choice and fire…
                      Though I know better now, this is how mortals evolve beyond the gods, thanks Rino House, choice is not given, it’s just ours to make, even more than fire.
                      Didn’t even know there was such a point of view. Now, it’s mine, seeing as I’ve been groping my way there this whole time, thanks to my own ignorance.

                      I rest my case. I mean your case.

                      You are the sun shinning on me today my friends. A really good conversation and a good feeling of finding a treasure I’ve been looking for, fire or the sun or something…
                      ThanksIf haleluya! wasn’t, err, the wrong word, I’d shout it.


              2. “The pro-choice position is not nearer to pro-abortion than to pro-life. Believing that the woman is the one who should make her own reproductive decisions in no way implies that abortion is the right choice for her to make. People equate being prochoice with being pro-abortion because that is the option we have had to fight to defend.” Jim Rigby

                Ministers are usually irrelevant to me. This minister guy, Jim Rigby, not sure which denomination, though, spreads x-ray perspective. My regard skyrocketed. He has been doing lots of cool humanity-seeing things in my city for the last twenty years or so.


                1. Hmmm. I was not thinking about abortion when I wrote about choice. Being pro-choice is like being pro-life; it’s impossible to be human without subscribing to both of those tenets – & neither of them are specific to being in favor, or against, legalized abortion.


  2. Your posts always make me think and I appreciate your ability to link ideas together and present them in new, effective ways. Which you’ve done very well with this post.

    To take it a slightly different direction, when I read your title, my immediate thought was: Yes, choice is absolutely the magical ingredient. I offer the following quote from Viktor Frankl as support:

    “Everything can be taken from a man but one thing: the last of human freedoms – to choose one’s attitude in any given set of circumstances, to choose one’s own way.”

    That’s not to say that shouldn’t fight for the ability to choose how we live our lives, but it is to say that we have ultimate control over how we approach each of our days, no matter the circumstance. Therein lies the magic for me.


    1. Chris,

      The substance of your comments always leave me full and chewing. Your point is lo clear, it hits home, feels complete, true, done.
      I keep wanting to say something back, but words won’t line up cuz the space is already filled.
      I dont’ understand this, but like last time I was gung ho about answering your comments and questions and you were so kind as to repost for me and everything, and when I come to answer you I feel everything has already been said. Your words feel like they are made of the same material as books. The classic books that you don’t answer to, you just read and go “oh”.
      No wonder.
      And there is no comments section. Yet somehow this is satisfying.

      So, thanks, your comments thrill me, make me think and wonder, and I have no words and no answer, only this tangible magic of gratitude and feeling of light.


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