42 Favorite Things

Been away
To top secret site
Losing tracers
So they don’t
Crash paradise
Godiva chocolate shake
Fresh roast coffee
Omaha steak
To Dagny Taggert
Henry Rearden
John Galt
They don’t belive
In iPhone
Pizza delivery
Eny of it
They love it


Ways to 42

wpid-wp-1413563301586.jpegAbout what the meaning of life the universe and everything else, I wonder if it’s particular to each person.

Then maybe each particular individual variation is a twist in a good story. Since every good story is about conflict of interests and growth from making growing choices then conflict of interests it’s totally a basic high quality story ingredient. So we would story- starve without our differences.


Just for the record. No diversity no story, no Saturday cartoons.

Then there is this other wonder. To just call the other interest, not my own, the guys who want some really no-way things evil could be really dumb or maybe just developmentally at a certain level. Like the ewww girls level. The boys have cooties level. Quite age appropriate even. Maybe part of the meaning of life is that as a cultural being we are age appropriate.

Then, if so, what developmental level in me and my species comes next? What are some of the possible new ingredients for tasty satisfying story foid? Are they an acquired taste like caviar? What do I pay to get them? Where? How? Where do I find a Why and learn to cook it?
Wait, that’s the seed of every new story vegetable. Maybe, it’s for planting.


Would you, if you could, plant and grow a story vegetable garden?

What do healthy home-cooked stories taste like?

Do “my” stories create and add up to my “me”?

 Other wonders:
Are there GMO stories?
Organic stories?
Mass stories?
Hydroponic stories?
Poison stories?

Is Choice the Magic Ingredient?

Let the will of the Lord be done unto me…

Don’t bother sweetheart, you don’t have a choice.

Virgin Mary, You Don't Have a Choice
Blessed Virgin, who said you get a choice?

 This Annunciation transforms Pietà into His Mama Cries in one simple step.


Ruben’s Annunciation

Annunciation by Murrillo

Waywardspirit’s Annunciation

Which hat? Choice can go a long wayRaptitude.com

Leonardo Da Vinci Annunciation

No Longer A Mere Mortal? – You’re Dead

natura morta
natura morta (Photo credit: Circolo d’Arti)

Become immortal
Drink it

Tried that last time
Oops I died

wpid-1352567483927.jpg Delightful Solitude, Waywardspirit,

Game over
My Earth-Game-Plan
Gather more supplies
Wait for the team

Start over

My character falls
For it

Hoping like hell
I won’t have fell
This time
Messing up my glorious

Still mortal?

Quest Complete!

“You’ve imbibed a special potion that makes you immortal.
Now that you’ve got forever, what changes will you make in your life?
How will you live life differently, knowing you’ll always be around to be accountable for your actions?”

Daily Prompt: No Longer A Mere Mortal


Are You a Sodomite and Don’t Know It?

A mosh pit, uploaded from flickr
A mosh pit, uploaded from flickr (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The handsome strangers whipped the towns people into a frenzy, a witch-burning riot for blood-relief extasy. They just had to take them. They had to have them now. You know, like a mosh pit out there, no one willing to take no for an answer. There was no security and no manners.

Bring them out that we may “know” them!

The mob of rioters surrounding the house didn’t chant “please”.

The towns people broke down the door to get at and gang-rape the two fine men.

These irresistible men where Lot’s house guests. Lot helped his fabulous angel friends make a Hollywood escape. Then, he had to get the hell out of there before the town lynched or raped him instead. Probably just lynch actually, he wasn’t that hot.

English: Fleeing Sodom and Gomorrah Русский: Б...
English: Fleeing Sodom and Gomorrah Русский: Бегство Лота из Содома (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The townships were Sodom and Gomorrah. Both towns got nuked for their wicked behavior that day.

The one and only problem here is the town-mob not gang-raping women. That’s why  sodomy means gay. So, gay is really bad. Like Sodom and Gomorrah fire from heaven bad.

Lot leaving Sodom, Woodcut from the Nuremberg ...
Lot leaving Sodom, Woodcut from the Nuremberg Chronicle (Photo credit: Wikipedia)