Jon Venables released 20 years after murder of James Bulger

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The potential release of Jon Venables is predictably accompanied by much wailing about how he is unfit for society. Perhaps he is, I do not know – but then, the vast majority of those who are wailing do not know either, they just love to wail.

For me there is a crucial point here that I doubt anyone will bother considering, what with having such a big, distracting bandwagon to so easily leap on. But my question is this:

How can it be possible that a boy, later a man, can spend 20 years in a ‘corrective institution’, and not be corrected?

Just how utterly ineffective must it be to use prisons to punish people? How empty the rhetoric of rehabilitation for this to be the case?

If someone spent twenty years in a school and still couldn’t write, we’d close the school. 20 years in hospital and your arm…

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2 thoughts on “Jon Venables released 20 years after murder of James Bulger

  1. I’ve missed you. And I need you right now. I’d call it a crisis but the word breakthrough is probably more apropros… I can’t find a way to write you directly, presuming you’re down for that.
    If you get a free minute, my destiny might hang in the balance. Or is it valance? My fate is hanging on some precipice of sorts, hope you can help me dust the shelves. Love you.


    1. Breakthrough yeah!
      Yes Brandy, you are one person I think I’ll always want to talk to. Except when we are mad at each other. Oh wait. We aren’t there yet. Hopefully we will get there.
      I am at your life’s service.
      I’m honored you thought of me in your time of need. awaits your grace.


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