The best follow up with cookies or a thank you note.

I suck at all that follow uppy stuff. I’ve felt so jealous just on principle.

Today, I figured this out.

I don’t bake, wrap and deliver cookies.

I follow up with stories.

I bake wrap and deliver meaning.

So, that’s what I’m up to.

No cookies for you.

Search and Rescue You

You find you

There and in here you find yourself

It’s them stories

They find you

They find you where you find them

Instant recognition maybe

There’s you

So, that’s who you are

I didn’t know it was you

Looking like me



What’s normal?

Who’s normal?

When normal?

How, why, normal?

Who says what’s?

Mine’s as mine as my foot size.

Defined, solidified by National Geographic

Boxes and shelves of people who almost must exist, sort of, because there are pictures

They sorta exist

You know, to be in here, to strike me

Look at that!

So I can dig in the boxes for the most shocking naked, huge, wrinkly, big bright feathery, tiny, adorable or sinking bony.

Curious dark friendly eyes slanting behind skins and furs

Naked painted long breasted moms

All that stuff on their heads taller is than they are

funny expressions

why would anyone move like that?

And in public.

Measuring the world with my foot.