Are You a Sodomite and Don’t Know It?

A mosh pit, uploaded from flickr
A mosh pit, uploaded from flickr (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The handsome strangers whipped the towns people into a frenzy, a witch-burning riot for blood-relief extasy. They just had to take them. They had to have them now. You know, like a mosh pit out there, no one willing to take no for an answer. There was no security and no manners.

Bring them out that we may “know” them!

The mob of rioters surrounding the house didn’t chant “please”.

The towns people broke down the door to get at and gang-rape the two fine men.

These irresistible men where Lot’s house guests. Lot helped his fabulous angel friends make a Hollywood escape. Then, he had to get the hell out of there before the town lynched or raped him instead. Probably just lynch actually, he wasn’t that hot.

English: Fleeing Sodom and Gomorrah Русский: Б...
English: Fleeing Sodom and Gomorrah Русский: Бегство Лота из Содома (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The townships were Sodom and Gomorrah. Both towns got nuked for their wicked behavior that day.

The one and only problem here is the town-mob not gang-raping women. That’s why  sodomy means gay. So, gay is really bad. Like Sodom and Gomorrah fire from heaven bad.

Lot leaving Sodom, Woodcut from the Nuremberg ...
Lot leaving Sodom, Woodcut from the Nuremberg Chronicle (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

9 thoughts on “Are You a Sodomite and Don’t Know It?

    1. We do?
      We know what sodomites are?
      I figured sodomites are as big a mystery as gamorrahns.
      It might just be anyone who when feeling intese guilt about doing something that is not wrong, feel that passing instant when fire from heaven should have consumed them.


  1. Err, I think there’s been a bit of poetic license taken here. Sodom and Gomorrah were destroyed because of all the bad behaviour of the inhabitants, which was hetero-sexual as well as homo- and bi-sexual. Lot had to find ‘good’ men and women to prevent the towns being destroyed and he couldn’t. The bad behaviour wasn’t just sexual, it was about greed, avarice and all the other deadly sins, so why do Christians make such a big deal about sex? It’s just one of seven. Original sin wasn’t sex either, it was pride, so why do people get so hung up?


    1. Yes, you are right Kriss,
      Poetic licence licenciously taken.
      I totally agree with you. Makes me wonder why all the focus on gay sex as sodomy when that was hardly the point. Though in the similar senario among Israel’s Tribe of Benjamin, the guy in Lot’s place shoved his own doughter out to the mob. Then he cut up her abused body and sent a piece to each tribe. Genocide incited.
      “Why do Christians make such a big deal about sex?” Very good question.
      I took licence with this story after visiting Gay Christian blog. Some poor gay fellow wantes to be a Christian and the story of Sodom and Gomorrah terrifies him.
      I’m guessing that a King or Priest responsible for making things work used this story focusing on nothing but the orifices and the sex of the would be victims to discourage gayety. Anyone can get a story to focus on what they want it to say. I just did.
      In defence of Sodomy coming to mean gay sex, though it makes no sense, if I were a ruler or priest responsible for keeping a town or country safe in the middle ages I would have named gay sex sodomy too.
      I would have told my doughter, the princess, that she would marry the effeminate foreign prince so the kingdom had access to ore,then figure out how to get an hair to the throne out of the deal, to avert war.
      Who would take care of gay couples in their old age when the system was kids take care of aged parents?
      The population growth would slow by ten percent. And it interferes with the laws of inheritance and that’s how things got kept going and it’s what people worked for.
      There were I figure good enough reasons.
      Arranged marriage worked, survival of the town, not personal happiness was a goal.
      Times have changed.
      Also, Abraham was asked if he saw any rightious folks worth saving in Sodom and Gomorrah, that made it worth saving. He didn’t. That doesn’t mean there were not any people worth saving in the town.He just didn’t see them. He just didn’t see it that way. Abraham was not from around there. He was like a white guy looking at Native American’s. What a bunch of barbarians, totally not worth saving.
      I question Abraham’s and Lot’s judgement, and ability to value human beings. Just because they are in the Bible doesn’t mean they are always right. They are evolving, too. People do make mistakes. Later his descendants wold come back and excercise the rights of genocide over the whole land. Sometimes I wonder if the Old Testament is a record of mistakes to try to not make again.


  2. Agree with krissnichol that dens of iniquity include more than just lust.
    Also, technically, it is not possible for women to commit sodomy unless – and there have been cases – they resort to using broomsticks, or similar objects.
    So, gay is only viewed as “Sodom and Gomorrah bad” if by gay you mean male homosexual. Lesbians are exempt.
    I am not passing judgement; merely stating how it is viewed in legal systems where sodomy is considered an offence.
    The Free Dictionary presents a grim, but fairly thorough picture


    1. Allison, it’s good to see you!
      YOu always bring bright and sane perspective with tender humanity and subtle humor.
      Sometimes it’s nice to not have to travel to your blog to get a sweet taste of this.
      I agree with both you and Chrissnichol. Yes, probably the least important fact in this troublesome scenario is weather the would-be-victims were male or female. That’s why “sodomy” as gay (male) sex makes zero sense. Since this story is where the nomenclature is derived. Someone took the liberty to adjust the storie’s focus to that, so I took liberty to focus on something else that in my place and time seems to have more value. Poetic licence, I’m told.
      : )
      I so appreciate the link in your comments! From what I was seeking and found, because we all find what we are looking for, I noticed that since this country was founded and I’m guessing before then, the focus on sex was procreation, for growth of the economy and well being of the community. Peek procreation is vital for the survival of a new nation. Laws applied accordingly. Story, licensed, got, though. I wouldn’t call it poetic licence. It’s cut and stiched to fit the laws. My whole life, almost all I could see about that story was gay. Then you wonder why as a nation we are freaking out. We see fire coming down and toasting everyone every time with think gay sex. Subconciously of course. I did’t even know that was all I saw in the story till I read a comment on Gay Christians blog where a gay folks comment on what Bible verses worry them regarding their sexual orientation. That’s when I looked with a fresh view and noticed that there is nothing to worry about as far as gay in that story. I’m not sure what the story is about. It’s probably satire like Swift’s A Modest Proposal. What not to do. Don’t get a whole town killed, including the guy in there who was probably writing “I have dream” of no mob violence speach…but ooops Abraham couldn’t and didn’t see him and that he was a decent fellow trying to grow his city into better citizens….Booooooom!
      Sorry Allison, spell check is not working for me in comments. Like most of us in some way, I am not able to see my own errors, and I know spelling and grammar slights drive you crazy. I appreciate you putting up with me.


      1. The sooner people in general break the link created by patriarchal societies between gay (read LGBT) and evil, the better!
        It is a false construct which causes hatred between folk and far, far too much emotional pain to far too many.
        On a lighter note, I am reminded of that quaint English saying, “There’s nowt queer as folk!”, which translates, roughly, as “people are strange”, but does possess a delightful ambiguity. 😉


        1. Yep, I agree with you Allison.
          The sooner we behave like the sin construct is as irrelevant as it is, the happier we are.
          And yeah, “there’s nowt queer as folk!”
          One of the best things in life.
          And you really got my smile going.
          You never fail to get it.
          And when I read you, what you write feels like you get it, that’s just another reason I read your blog. More of that thing I can’t put my finger on.


  3. The people of Sodom killed an inhabitant of the city because he offered food to a stranger. That was the state of affairs. I don’t think that sodomy was top of the list of problems.

    The issue was that it was a place where anyone could be killed for showing an act of kindness.


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