Abusing Power

I’m slowing up just a little before the bumpy railroad tracks. No flashing RR crossing  lights catch me today. I look far ahead left at the tracks swerving back into a wild place where the train comes from. Only trains ever comes from there. No train is coming, I’ll hop right through.

I’ve caught up to an ambulance just ahead of me, now. I’m blowing right through here as usual.

The ambulance slows down. Do ambulances stop at all railroad crossings? I don’t remember. Maybe this driver knows about that bump in his lane. I don’t stop at railroad crossings. I catch right up now. I am gonna pass.

I’m riding right into the ambulance’s blind spot about to pass it up when those mighty emergency lights flash on.

Automatic reaction, I hit the brakes and stop. A biker is pedaling across my lane from behind the ambulance.

I don’t know what that biker was thinking.

The emergency lights switch right back off.

I almost ran the next light when it hits me.

The ambulance driver was thinking.

20 thoughts on “Abusing Power

        1. Gotta give you credit for something!

          Just not the stuff you are actually doing… like kicking out the spammers by ranting the rest of the world into action, no credit for that at all. Sorry all out.
          ; )

          Your fate.


  1. Ciao Way,
    what a lucky drive…!!! You like to have a look about some of my driving experiences here in Italy? Foreigners have to learn a lot about skillful driving:

    🙂 🙂


  2. Ups… wie blöd – sorry, thought to give you only the URL… oh, I am really a beginner of all that blogging, webbing… Hope you don’t care to have a video in your comments… Zaz


  3. Bikers are always on a whip (passing through stop signs, red lights, traffic paths) here making their deliveries. I am glad for you that there were no consequences to carry in life… So here’s for you,

    a wild pace saved
    by the ambulance
    who became RR lights
    shined upon driver and biker

    Best Regards,


    1. Allyson

      This poem is lovely. You are lovely!
      Thank you.

      I felt so rescued.
      It made me think wonder and grateful.
      I was to stunned and freaked to even know what happened or thank that driver, or take down the ambulance brand or number.
      I feel like this person did what needed to be done, mindfully in the moment without following rules. Rules meant to keep Abuse of Power in check.
      It matters what our motives are. : )
      I like to imagine a human race living like this, beyond rules, following our hearts.

      (Whoever you are and wherever you are yellow ambulance driver, thanks for breaking the rules on my behalf!)



    2. I love your your poem Allyson,
      You are right

      Empty shoes thud to the ground
      That face that can’t get up
      Shocked disbelief a face on the street
      Broken body mangled bloody mind
      Twisted bike white car
      That driver losing her collage mind
      Reassurance to cover vulnerable horror
      Eyes of a wounded deer
      Don’t see us anymore
      Passerby comforts no one
      Running for a phone
      Stomach and heart don’t keep up
      Ambulance arrives, I don’t
      Lights don’t flash for him again
      At that corner of some street and Camelback
      No loss is recovered


      1. You’ve created a could-have-happened scene. It is so vivid a picture. That’s your Waywardspirit, to be and share insight through your art. Thank you!


  4. Dear Way,
    I’m so sorry, my comment to your post is completely wrong, unsensitive and not really funny – but simply stupid. What made me do that? First, I did not read with an open mind & soul and second, I have been childish. Only today I find the courage to stand by my dullness. Sorry, Zazu


    1. No need to be sorry.
      I am glad for you comment.
      It made me think, and wonder. Which is the whole point.
      Besides lots of kids, and young drivers feel that way.
      It’s all about whatever we feel in the moment, I think.
      By doing something, just doing it, saying it, our soul gets to move.
      We all get to see what it looks like somewhere besides in our own mind.
      Then we can talk about it.
      Turns out everyone feels a little of lots of different ways.
      I would have commented back, too but my video player software quite, and I couldn’t watch the video you sent. So I didn’t.
      You know, when we do something then we all can look at it and see if it is really us. : )
      Thank you for the opportunity you offered everyone.
      Keep being yourself.
      You are appreciated and needed.


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