Any Easy Way To Get Your Mind Blown
-Brandy Desiree Collins-
There went mine…

Though Life Be A Day

Have you ever wondered? On this, does your own heart wander?

I have sought in the deserts for quenching of rain. I have laid down to die and reborn went insane. I once lost my name and anonymous came, she sat down beside me and danced once again.

Again and again, I am awestruck and blinded by the uncontainable beautiful brain tucked so neatly and nicely within this girl’s crane …ium. Takes away, both my breath and my way. Perceiving has rivaled no greatness, no way, to the spirit I now introduce to you: hey, read and stay with my lovely-most lay. dee. A lady in streets. A lady remains. Look at the magic she is. And she gave, to me a new sense of alive I am twice what I once had sure lost, having found without sound; I beckon you all to explore my new fave… orite, because…

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