No Longer A Mere Mortal? – You’re Dead

natura morta
natura morta (Photo credit: Circolo d’Arti)

Become immortal
Drink it

Tried that last time
Oops I died

wpid-1352567483927.jpg Delightful Solitude, Waywardspirit,

Game over
My Earth-Game-Plan
Gather more supplies
Wait for the team

Start over

My character falls
For it

Hoping like hell
I won’t have fell
This time
Messing up my glorious

Still mortal?

Quest Complete!

“You’ve imbibed a special potion that makes you immortal.
Now that you’ve got forever, what changes will you make in your life?
How will you live life differently, knowing you’ll always be around to be accountable for your actions?”

Daily Prompt: No Longer A Mere Mortal


6 thoughts on “No Longer A Mere Mortal? – You’re Dead

    1. You are observant, FH7.
      And spot on.

      Massive Multiplayer Online (MMO) wouldn’t be any fun if we didin’t risk death and the death of our friends.
      Becoming immortal here would be not ever having a worthy adversary anymore.
      A Groundhog Day curse.
      No fun to play a game you already won and always win.
      Fun games have strict irrevocable rules like death.
      : )


    1. It gets boring?
      What would be funner than immortality?
      Wanted a new perspective or adventure?
      Devine immortal curiosity aroused
      What might you or someone want to try over immortality itself?


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