Do People In Memory Realms Have Feelings?



Is kicking people’s ass in my realm of Memory  still human abuse?

I have assigned roles noted characters picked the bad guys in the plot in my mind realm. Since a hero in any story is only as amazing as the anti-hero of a story is vicious, does my inner dialogue need villans? Cuz these stories I play in here feel horribly wonderful.

I control this realm and I wanna do something about horrible people and be fabulous.  You know, deal out just what-fors to all the asses living in my mind’s holograph.  To rescue myself and put things right.

Is it wrong to beat up evil people, living or dead, in my mind?

Yeah, it’s unhealthy to beat myself up. I get that now. Gotta love yourself. What about everyone else though?  The bad guys for example. I don’t gotta love them. Ha!

Are these meanies victims now if I trash them in my mind blame them judge em? Can dead people be victims too? And if not everyone who do I get to beat up on?

I got a story to weave then to replay so I know I’m a decent person. To sence who I am relative to them others. How do I acquire one of these wonderful vicious evil guys so I can be truly great without committing acts of violence and being violent myself, I wonder. How else do I make life interesting.

Is it still wrong to judge and blame historical figures in the privacy of my own personal mind?

Are the really bad people I blame for all the bad stuff happening, you know, so bad I get carte blanch to eww them?

Is blaming and judging them mean or unhealthy? What if they deserve it?

What if I stop?

Then what?



What do you think?

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