Kiss Identity


Might the meaning of life be this set up to aquire and evolve new ways to get our fix?
So far it’s looking that way.
Notice how the highest highs mostly happen when chemicals in the brain get triggered when you give without expecting anything in return. Try it a bit if you hadn’t noticed.
It only works when engaged in freely and becouse there is a need you Want to fix or satisfy. Best crack ever.


Eveything else are cool little fixes too.
So life’s meaning may just be fixes and highs set up and made possible by obstacles lows and consrticting laws and rules that create need. This rollercoaster scary fun ride system cycle game mystery thingy we are cool to be on right now may still be evolving.
It makes it even funner to imagine like at an amusement park that there’s a long line of everyone waiting for a turn to howel with delight or despair while evolving this.

Kiss identity.

One thought on “Kiss Identity

  1. There are fixes: maple syrup, vanilla, rose petals gem, rosehips marmalade, roasted almonds, walnuts and popcorn,popcorn,popcorn…and yes…hazelnuts cofee…and chocolates and chewing gum!


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