No Thank You- Evil’s Interpretation Permanently Banned.

“Evil” is permanently banned from usage. It’s the way we use it that sucks.


Evil Eeyore
Evil Eeyore (Photo credit: ybnormalman)


Not ban the word evil. Just its use, its interpretation.
The word “evil” is a cop-out.


Daily Prompt: If you could permanently ban a word from general usage, which one would it be? Why?


Young Helen Keller is evil in our current interpretation. Anyone who can’t see, hear and so, speak human, and therefore acts in an incomprehensible way, terrifying, terrified and violent and we feel we can do nothing to stop it qualifies as “evil”.


Evil is where communication failed. Evil is an un-touched child in a grown-up body. Evil is an impossible extreme were only an Anne Sullivan destined to attempt the impossible finds purpose and fulfillment and something priceless.
Yet, once the magic word “evil” gets applied, challenge extinguished.  You don’t have to stretch, work hard, grow, come to understand or be accountable for your actions toward anything tagged “evil”. You can do the same things “Evil” did or does without becoming “evil” yourself. It works, I promise. It’s a game of tag. It’s a magic bullet. It is the most useless word for getting any peace and happiness, except for in the form of entertainment. Movies and stories of “good” vs “evil” are fun.


If you want action-adventure, to fight and be right and win, if you want to use the essential word “evil” to set up this story-game, set it in Middle Earth, a galaxy far far away, or The Matrix. There is no place for this word among human beings in this realm. Here, when tempted to label any person “evil”, consider it a sign of ignorance. Maybe it’s a moment to reconsider what you believe and an opportunity to connect a Helen Keller with her Anne Sullivan. It may become a heart warming story. And perhaps, only the one right person may be the answer.


Photograph of Helen Keller at age 8 with her t...
Photograph of Helen Keller at age 8 with her tutor Anne Sullivan on vacation in Brewster, Cape Cod, Massachusetts (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Failure to see the truth and find the right solution and connection does not equal “evil”. It just makes a mess like failure to find the solution that works in any other kind of problem. It’s just an unfinished adventure story, success story. When you see “evil”, you are on that exciting catalyst dilemma part of the story where you can’t see the truth yet. It’s one of the best parts of any great story, though it’s challenging.  If you tag it “evil”, there is no adventure, no story, no growth, no fun for your superhero. And you become what you see. By seeing “evil”, you become the antagonist. Have fun being the antagonist while thinking you are the hero.


“Evil”, like “sodomite” is a magic bullet irrelevant interpretation of a word. It only works like “Tag! You’re it!”, or normal people transforming into Agents when they see “evil” , if you are playing tag or plugged into the matrix.


Possible interpretations for the word evil:


I tried everything and failed.


I don’t know were to find the person who has got the medicine for this.


I don’t understand this person/problem. Can someone else f-ing figure this out?


That is an “evil” person, project problem, we need an Einstein.


No satisfactory solution or balance has ever been achieved here, yet.


It seems impossible, but since it needs to get done, it is possible.


WTF! I am so not the person for this issue!






I know there are lots of other options, just can’t think of them just now.


Daily PostIf you could permanently ban a word from general usage, which one would it be? Why?


22 thoughts on “No Thank You- Evil’s Interpretation Permanently Banned.

    1. You have a way of making me smile, and it’s not just all the surprising, often creepy, boundary pushing images on Thursday Again. It’s you.
      I expose myself to Rhino House, as a practice, to expand my humanity-hopefully. It’s like wizard jelly beans. Err, never boring. ; )


  1. By seeing evil, you become the antagonist… I find myself guilty, time and time again. All too often I want to pull out my swords and fight, but who would I slay but the untouched child in the grown-ups body.
    The innocent ones pay the price for our ignorance…


      1. yes, on both “sides” hence war.

        Yet, pre alcoholics anonymous we threw alcoholics away, leaving gaping voids in families and communities, children’s hearts. There was no cure.
        It is not a magic bullet.
        It takes a mighty intervention.
        A mentor
        Weekly meetings
        A life long strict “religion” of twelve step program.

        Makes me wonder. Perhaps globally our species needed a twelve step growth, accountability and weekly meetings, renewing commitment and purpose and understanding, focused on different life long “addictions” or strength building camps, each over ripening into religion.
        I personally love the !2 Step Program. It is so useful for any recovery, and for whatever reason, the third step I think it is, where you ask a higher power for help where you can’t help yourself, actually makes the thing work. It’s essential in my experience.
        If anyone is labeled and tagged “evil”, we just throw them away or kill them.
        Sometimes one can’t imagine a solution. I was raised, partly on Dr, Dobson’s Dare to Discipline. Where it’s your responsibility as a parent to apply corporal punishment. Guess what I thought was the right thing to do when I had kids?
        Yep. I spanked.
        Something happened. I made a choice to never spank again, even though any other solution didn’t exist. I felt like it came into being just for my doughtier and me. Totally new.


    1. No. There is always an excuse. Catholics vs Protestants, Jews vs Moslems, Republicans vs Democrats. Opposites are not “evil” just as death is no the opposite of life. They are part of the same “whole.”


      1. So, self-righteous ones like me
        Might as well allow the whole to be
        I’m a part of it
        A part of me
        What to not pay attention to
        Setting an alarm. I tend to not wake up.
        I buy into the irresistible ________ vs __________ option. I want other choices.

        Evil does not exist. It’s in the eye of the beholder.
        Since I see it, it’s in me to be reflected out. I create it.
        When I manage to not see “it”, to see beyond the lie to the truth, as with all lies-gone.
        Seeing through is the practice.
        I know a lady who sees through hospice cancer. Took 30 years to learn to, but cancer is a lie, and when she manages to actually see through it, it’s gone.
        When I see cancer, I contribute to creating it. We all do, with our terrified deference to it.She refuses to acknowledge that evil thing is bigger than the life that created a body.
        It’s a challenging and fun practice. It works, I notice.
        Wondering how else this may be applied. I got thirty years. ; )


        1. Of course evil exists, but it always has & it always will. Sometimes through ignorance, sometimes through hate, sometimes through fear – by whatever door it can, it always has a way into our lives. To acknowledge it is not to love it, or condone it – but if you do not accept that it is part of us, then you cannot fight it either.

          I think we’re saying the same thing from opposite ends of the same room.


      2. that’s what i said, evil and live are opposites like life and death, these opposites are dualities, they seems to be opposite but actually they compliment each other.


        1. “…they seems to be opposite but actually they compliment each other.”

          Interesting proposition. From a pure Christian perspective I have asked myself “Does God create/allow evil because there can be no redemption without it ?” Therefore I should be guiltless if evil emanates from me. I hold no responsibility for my sins or evil ways?” If I become redeemed through Christ the need for redemption was imposed on me. Or does redemption me merely liberated from evil ?


    2. EEYORE
      [as he floats in the river] Don’t pay any attention to me. Nobody ever does.
      Eeyore, what are you doing down there?
      Give ya three guesses.
      Going for a sail?
      Wrong again.
      Oh, waiting for somebody to uh – help you out of the river?
      That’s right. Give Rabbit the time, and he’ll get the answer.

      We need more?


            1. This is fabulous! Freely disagreeing. I remember feeling the f word was loathsome. I felt it stomach churrning deep like I feel some Gamorrah kinds of bad.
              Now I just use it sparingly to conserve it’s delightful magic.
              Though Khaula, I believe we are seeing and experiencing different powers of this mighty word. The fact that your response is so deep legitamate and powerful makes me love the word. My favorite word is fuck. And you make the world more beautiful by seeing the dark side that I have forgotten to pay attention to. It is an honor to know you here, Khaula.


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