A drive-by fountain of despair and hate…

You can write goddamit!

Rule of Stupid

I have no time for pleasantries, which may not please, but it’s a modern disease, days like these force us to squeeze every moment dry till the great goodbye when we can only lie and see the sky fully for the first time and ask why we didn’t do so before, why did profit and product conduct us so, to forgo our very reason for being.

I am fighting to get my life back, while in my heart I just want to sleep in a mist that can steal my memories and make a truly new man of me without the history of such fierce gravity, or the knowledge which only teaches that tomorrow holds no releases.

How do I fit into this world without becoming more like its sickness?

If we protected with the same zeal as we persecute, though perhaps without the disgusting vicarious glee, then we might…

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5 thoughts on “A drive-by fountain of despair and hate…

      1. well … ‘cor!’ (or sometimes ‘gor’) is short for the phrase ‘cor blimey’ which itself is euphemism for ‘God blind me!’ which you might say if you are looking at something so terrible that it would be better for you not to have eyes to see, but that would be an abrogation of the third commandment, so you say the shortened versions instead; it’s a way that school-kids could get away with swearing; it’s a bit archaic now because everyone swears now even when there is no reason, so when used now it is done with a ‘post modernist’ tinge to it akin to irony …

        I hope you didn’t wait up all this time for this explanation …


        1. Cor! = awesome! (in waywardspeak).
          Cor, you aren’t half trimming down the words, Way! (which means I admire your economical use of words to achieve an explosion of meaning).
          I could also use the other half of that phrase, as in,
          Blimey, that’s a short poem!
          or ‘Blimey! (= awesome!)
          Britly yours,
          Allison 😉


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