3 thoughts on “God: how he did it

  1. God speaks in mathematics ?
    i would have thought as God made Man in His image (?)
    that he would have said-

    but then i am but an expression of his mathematics —
    an extension of 2 equals another one


    1. Hmm good observations: I did it my way. Yeah.
      Maybe god is an infinite equation but all the rest can be added up or something.
      An algorithm complex yet as simple as 1+1=2.
      Yep Will, I wonder too, what the equation of you looks like. Now that I think about it, as god, it may not be calculable.

      Speakers of the language of mathematics I figure can understand either “Let there be light” or look at the equation to understand it.
      I don’t speak the language of mathematics. I’t nice to imagine how that language feels though.
      This, image, because that is what it is to me, made me happy.
      My brothers could tell me if it really adds up to “let there be light” but they are genius geeks busy transforming science and technology. They don’t care for it as art. If anyone can tell let me know.
      But knowing my outlandish and mischievous source of this image it was likely as not, made-up just for it’s phenomenal idea value to math illiterates reading art.


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