Stepping In Spell

Waywardspirit Art Stepping in Image

Realms touch
Powers mingle
Magic born
Of fairies
In people
Impossible charmed
Wind alive
Unimagined desire
Dot a dot
Life on fire
Dream physics
Demand require
Honey-dipped moon
Mother heart
Solid revere
Human art

10 thoughts on “Stepping In Spell

  1. You tend to dream
    Much like stars tend to shine
    Light, coming through in beams and shades

    A prism
    A neon fuse
    A pulse; pierce the darkness
    With that hunger, hunger that cannot satiate
    Situate your audience rapt before you
    We are, we are, we are

    If I could, I’d put you in my pocket
    And keep you there forever
    My own


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