Reality. Really?

Security richness joy
Already installed

Power switch
Re-create experience
By feeling what is not

Neither is heart
Nor want

Not that
Not art

In this life model app
Desire attracts support

LIght Way

9 thoughts on “Reality. Really?

    1. I like the way you think Will. What if the feeling of security is a discipline, a practice like our best fit body that lies buried under unexpressed tissue and it’s friendly fat? A dormant state.
      Wonder what I can evolve into reality form this thought of yours. You always make me think. Been wondering and thinking all week.


  1. Security is built in for each of us. It is our belief in insecurity which undoes us.

    Hello Way, I’ve been away, you’ve been a Way, it just is that way sometimes 🙂


    1. Boy have I missed you!
      Can’t wait till my family and friends discover you too.
      It’s been a hard time. People like you and some new friends you will see around make hard times softer. Worth it and better.
      Friends have been pulling me through. So glad you are back. I need you on here. I know of more than I could count who feel the same. Welcome back.

      * Makes face, sticks out tongue *


      1. Way, what’s been happening? Don’t like to think of you suffering.
        Staggered by the warmth of your greeting! Thank you!
        I will try and be about more, it’s just that life went drastically squiffy.
        Have met some of the family – good people.
        *Sneaks a hug*


        1. Oh, well like for you, I hear, life twisted. The world for me to inhabit does not exist. I know how pandas feel. It takes forever to recreate cuz I don’t know what the hell I’m doing. I will though. You give me hope. Something about the way you feel and think and care and speak. Figuring out what I do. Or want. In a world to inhabit. Nothing is what i thought it was. Again. Once this cocoon is empty, I can fly.
          About you, I just hear rumors from your friends. You make me wonder. I hope you can fly when you are through, too.


          1. What we need is an island where all the sane people can be, who don’t buy the money dream and remember that hearts do more than beat- it could be our retreat.
            None of us know what we’re doing – you’re further than most if you at least know that!
            I’m sending love and healing vibes across the aether Way ♥


  2. Ah, but to touch you
    Will all five senses
    To be in a moment with you, first person
    Impress upon me the tangibles
    Face to face to time in time to merely take a breath and meet, then leave forever awed

    That would surely be something.


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