The Other-Who Are They?

 For MORE Live Birth Abortions!

Vote For Me!

Anti-Abortion Propaganda!
Loving Life! What A Wonderful Choice! I’ll Do This Again Soon!

We Want More Live Birth Abortions!

Anti-Abortionists Want Less!

Fight Back!

Abortion Lovers Unite!
For MORE live birth abortions
Vote For Me!

You know you like it.
Don’t let Anti-Abortion laws stop you from having all the lovely abortions (preferably live-birth) you want!
It’s Your Choice!

Vote For Me!

There. We Now Have The Anti-Abortion’s Opposition!
Sadly, it didn’t exist before.

7 thoughts on “The Other-Who Are They?

  1. Hi,

    I am totally for live birth abortions, too. But I am very, very concerned also about the freedom to choose. Maybe I want to go in but don’t have my wallet. Also, what about a running tab? Or maybe I could buy some gift cards, you know- for later, or for a friend. None of it is really for me. Its for our parish. The nuns confess and I’d really rather slip them a card.

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  2. Well, anyway, I tried to write a priest into your ad- he wears his collar backwards.

    Without knowing who YOU are as the writer, that is 110% thought provoking and many will imagine it as graphic. It is royally forceful and even the drawing is disconnected from itself, the baby/ fetus coming out from a split dimension, not aborted but saying “hello” really. The stick figure is legs only suggesting you are serious about this all. Got ya their. The stick figure upper torso is like a lightning bolt but this is suggestive of a silloutte of a breast suggesting kindness in the heart symbolicly. Scrawled out, suggests that you know you are so truely funny that you can laugh at yourself and others opinions don’t matter. But mine does, because you mightve hoped someone would see the brillance but your mind said, “Aw, who cares?”. But I do. That is wickedlyness poised with conscientious calibration. Yet you wrote it so fast.

    -Perishable priest

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  3. By you are “serious” I mean your SATIRE is seriously connected to the reality of abortion. You are not reckless. Thanks. That’s weird. I am gnarly and I just want my writing to separate from me and have its own life and not have it be me.

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  4. There is a world of difference between “taking” a position & being “put” in one. Compassion should always “trump” judgement – but rarely does. There are no winners in the debate about abortion, just a river of tears that flows to nowhere.

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