Government immature ineffective

I immature ineffective

Not only are
Bad guys bad
I am bad
For how I see
Bad guys

I am everything bad
Everything good

You need me

If I don’t,

It won’t




A person lost

-A horse shoe nail

Modern horseshoes are most commonly made of st...


5 thoughts on “Dare

  1. Waywardspirit,

    You are a horse shoe trail!
    Thank you for your world-peace Dare to, in-effect
    The bad guys bad.

    We need you!

    To your spirit, Allyson.


  2. for want of the horseshoe nail
    you lose the horseshoe
    for want of the horseshoe
    you lose the horse
    for want of the horse
    you lose the Kingdom
    theKingdom of Heaven
    why let the bad guys have it ?


    1. Yes That’s it Will.

      : )

      Why let the bad take it! Bad is a way of seeing.

      Obviously, bad should be bombed, marathon or otherwise. Lets bomb back. That makes us good. ; ) Or it shows that we are bad too NO kingdom for us either then Is it Us vs Them? Or are we all humans who lost our way? Aren’t acts of violence desperate cry-outs for help? This one and the Towers are exceptions for sure. NOT cries-for-help: Evil! Ooops There goes the kingdom

      On Wed, Apr 17, 2013 at 9:00 AM, waywardspirit


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