Turn Turn Turn

Passion Wants You! Surrender  It Comes Out

The Seasons


Life morphs her form

Season reasons

Moon cycles burn

Creative season Springs

Work zodiacs then learns

 Favorite season creates

Contemplation Falls on me

Play dances us away

Random Harvests time

Dark Night of Winter’s Soul

Summer is Winter riding low

Two weeks vacation sweetens

Two month’s fruit

Then, forced a Season

English: Lunar libration. see below for more d...
English: Lunar libration. see below for more descriptions Français : Librations de la lune. Voir une description détaillée en dessous. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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Daily Prompt:

Turn Turn Turn


7 thoughts on “Turn Turn Turn

    1. You Gaby are my first and best reader, like a mirror. The first time you laughed just as much when I wrote you as you did when you read my favorite book of short stories ” Most Excellent Friday!” That’s when I finally started to wonder if I just might not be as useless and neurotic as I felt for writing like the maniac.


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