Color-Sideways CrossRoads-Weekly Photo Challenge

Waywardspirit Art Austin 11th Street Mural Close Up
Where I am

Close Up: Magnificent mosaic mural on the corner of 11th Street and San Marcos in Austin.

Waywardspirit Art How I feel, Story Told in Color
How I feel

Close Up: Feeling Perspective on the corner of Waywardspirit Blog and WordPress Plane.

Daily Post

Weekly Photo Challenge: Color


4 thoughts on “Color-Sideways CrossRoads-Weekly Photo Challenge

  1. …like thinking:

    Some Colors
    Must Be Tolled
    Black and White, then
    From The Daily Dose?


    1. Yes!

      The delicate grace and agility of your intelectual body amazes me!
      Great twisty true perspectives from those positions like camera angels.
      You could submit this to the Weekly Photo Challenge. : )


      1. It is your work. Your intellectual style gets me thinking all the time…you exercise my brain still it aches 🙂 You are truly a dancing spirit!


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