Imperfection-A Poem

Human Perfection

Imperfection’s part of love

Wabi sabi‘s story of

Frayed edges of insane

Being ecstasy and bane

Cracked heart chipped cup

Shattered then not giving up

Hero and villan of our tale

We’re  all the same

 Be real


Evolving imperfection

EqualsDaly Post

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9 thoughts on “Imperfection-A Poem

    1. Hi my Hugo!

      Haven’t gotten borges yet…pants….
      Niche tho, I had neglected for Thomas Aquinas, Greek philosophers and Thomas Moore and some. Thanks to you discovered the magnificence of Niche via Zarathustra.
      Hyperventilated every trime I tried to answer tho. So, I just breathed through it. : )
      You may either kill me or make me come alive. : )


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