Odd Couple-Polygamy

Passion Happy



Rumors preceded him.

She sneaked out to check out the rumors.

This new preacher had it real.


He plants passion

She thought he was handsome.

She was nineteen.

He thirty-nine.

She was a belle at high school.

He had four wives.

She saw him float right off the floor, lifted up by light, knew she would marry him, the presence of some horror she never met, leered at her from the audience.

He moved the crowd left them swaying, went off to a meeting.

She followed him, got his attention, informed him she would be his wife.

He said when I came back to town.

He did. She was ready.


Passion Wants You! Surrender  It Comes Out




I am their tenth child, counting the ones who didn’t grow up.

They believed in me.

I was their purpose.

Conceived in a Mexican jail.

Born while he stood trial.

She sold my home to bribe the judge.


Passion Lived Is Christ




To give the world my little brothers.

Their purpose was their passion.

They weren’t right.




Yet, in some matters, the matters of their passion, what really matters, they were right on target.


The Reason Kids Hate School



Kids and grown ups feel the same being bullied.

Being bullied.

Becoming bullies back.

The good old USA declared open season on Mormons, by Congress jokes and bullying.

They were not allowed to marry whomever their passion dictated, from the beginning.

They weren’t.

History would have been different if they had been.

But that would make a boring story.


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Daily Prompt: Odd Couple



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