6 thoughts on “Forward -Photo Challenge

  1. When trying to go Forward you realize you have to first go Inward, and when you are in the place called Inward, that’s where you meet all the Darkward that told you you needed to go Forward in the first place. After seeing the inevitable truth, you feel very Awkward, for very, very short while–missing link—

    How does Awkward turn to Funward? When you decide that you’re not going to listen to Darkward anymore when it tells you that you need to move Forward far, far away from Awkward. So, sitting at peace with Awkward magically transforms everything in to Funward!



    1. Yep Nirmal!

      Break Down Babes mean anything to you?
      That is the insane part of coming alive. : )
      If you wonder, TED Brene Brown of Daring Greatly. : )
      I know you read at the genuine articles from original sources, yet this is something that touches me and connects me with so many who will not ever read the original sources, and we can connect through these stories to warm our hearts and be glad we have a language we all understand.
      Healing, hospital liquifying in a chrysalis…same thing…
      Han’t thought of it so, till you pointed it out. Loving your insight so much. You are like binoculars. : )
      Love by the bucket!


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