First Drawer



It has an ugly cow on it in yucky orange

But all my stuff fits in it

The bottom is hard

But I can carry it

Big words on it are not my name

Like I thought

But All my shirts and pants fit in

The yucky cow is dumb

But it has handles on it

I want a pretty cow

But the zipper zips

And all my stuff fits

I can carry it

It’s all mine

Zip zip zip

Where You Are Your Face – Mind the Gap

wpid-2013-04-30-16.04.34.jpgTulips as FacePeople Together
Just our faces
It is only what it is
A chance
To lose
To gain in all-encompassing
Game on a disk inserted
Into a system,
Games end

Me and my 542 bestest friends (on Facebook)

Tulip Farm Like Facebook

Discarded in a pile
Scrap-booked old board game
Even Multiplayer Online Adventures
Being strengthens and fades
Connection delighted  breach unfriended

Wins defeat perfect moments memories
Communion play lost found
Tulips beauty
Not everything
Not nothing

Tulips as FacePeople

Weekly Writing Challenge: Mind the Gap

Facebook: To poke or to puke

Abusing Power

I’m slowing up just a little before the bumpy railroad tracks. No flashing RR crossing  lights catch me today. I look far ahead left at the tracks swerving back into a wild place where the train comes from. Only trains ever comes from there. No train is coming, I’ll hop right through.

I’ve caught up to an ambulance just ahead of me, now. I’m blowing right through here as usual.

The ambulance slows down. Do ambulances stop at all railroad crossings? I don’t remember. Maybe this driver knows about that bump in his lane. I don’t stop at railroad crossings. I catch right up now. I am gonna pass.

I’m riding right into the ambulance’s blind spot about to pass it up when those mighty emergency lights flash on.

Automatic reaction, I hit the brakes and stop. A biker is pedaling across my lane from behind the ambulance.

I don’t know what that biker was thinking.

The emergency lights switch right back off.

I almost ran the next light when it hits me.

The ambulance driver was thinking.