6 thoughts on “Trans

    1. OMG Allison!

      First thanks for your insightful, amazing, streched beyond terrific comment. Second:
      Do you read that stuff in the article?????
      Furthermore do you understand it??
      You can translate that?
      Even more, you can get such a creative conection from that abstract….It mindboggles me. ; )
      I’m glad you can and did cuz it has had me smiling for hours. Since I was at a red light and read it on my phone….
      Oh, and I’ll hook you up with The translation agency I’m working with. Sometimes they need help with German and Portuguese. The owner is my friend. Actually, I told her she would be lucky to get hooked up with you. : )


      1. No, I don’t normally translate material that is quite so technical or scientific. I came across it because the text I was translating was talking of how certain changes in the vine training system (trellises) resulted in higher “transpirational demand”. I was merely checking that I had the correct term (which you will not find in a Portuguese to English online dictionary). That also has a fancy name: terminological research. I translate into English only (my mother tongue). I am busy at the moment on some exciting additions related to what you will find under the “Vine Atlas of Spain and Portugal” tab on my blog.


        1. OH, super cool. It’s awsome what you are doing. And that you go into such complex areas to find a word not in the dictionary. ; )
          I get to translate 5 more chapters today.
          It’s incredible fun.
          Talk soon!


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