image     When I fell in love, it was his lips. The way he curled one side of his lip when he smiled drove me out of my mind. Falling in love. If you have you know. You won’t if you haven’t, and nothing can explain it to you.

It is the same story. If it’s not a smile it’s a look, a twinkle, a curve, a laugh, a way of looking, a something about, the feeling, that certain feeling, the way she makes you feel. We gladly go insane. No two fallings are alike. Yet, they are all the same. Somehow though we never tire of love stories.

I lived in mine, an altered state of reality where he could bend the laws of physics, and these laws only applied to my world with him. Even the impossible feels easy. The only hard part is being away from the beloved. It seems so clear that everyone should know and see that there is no man in the world as terrific  as this guy. Everyone must be in love with him. The incredible mystery is that they are not.

Sometimes we fall in love collectively, too. We all fall in love with the same person. You feel it or you don’t. When you are lucky enough to adore an icon like everyone around you, it’s this crazy bonding riot. Communities are built around it. Everyone falls in love the same. It’s the same thing, for everyone who does, though not everyone does. It is a religious experience- which brings me to Religious Experience.

It’s the same story. If you have you know it. If you don’t know, there is no way to explain it. You crazy madly fall in love with a rescuer, a feeling, a twinkle, an answer, a question, a state, a worship, an idea, a song, the wind, a spirit a visitation, an experience, a state a transport, an exstacy. Sometimes it happens collectively. Communities are built around it. It drives you crazy with wonder and delight. The enigma is why everyone isn’t in love with this amazing God. Oh, and I forgot to mention- you can’t stop talking about it.

This experience is the same for every human being, everywere in the world, no matter what framework God is in,  regardless of His name, His attributes or expectations. Like love, only the details, the stories, and the names vary. It is the same damn story.

Note: Falling in love with God, feeling and knowing without a doubt that He is loving you back, does not make you right about everything else in your value system, any more than falling in love with a person does.

P.S. Ditto on experiencing the miraculous. A miraculous experience may mean you got that part right, or that you are on you own right path in the moment. Yay for you!

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