Devotion is devotion worship is worship, prayer is prayer, meditation is meditatuon. Feeling nurtured and at peace, is feeling nurtured and at peace. While translating a devotional today, the delicious transport I felt is the same as when I was practicing. I don’t have to be a total believer to experiace God. Every kind of religious or spiritual practice that connects you, no matter which, feels the same. Its the same religios experience no matter what religion. It is not a matter of how we describe it. Even if it varies in intensity, and the detail is tailored and personalized the thing every religious experience in any religion has in common is we are all connecting to the same, same God Thing. The experience in a church, a tempe, a Mosque, a sacred grove are the same. The experience is the same for anyone who surrenders to any one.

3 thoughts on “Devotion

  1. Good evening my dear Waywardspirit. It is good to be reading your heartfelt thoughts again. I just happened to be passing by your little “make-shift temple post” and thought I’d send you a hug and an , ‘absolutely, I agree!’ ❤


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