12 thoughts on “Soul Function

  1. Yeah, soul thingy is a good way to put it. Notwithstanding, homo sapiens ARE NOT BETTER OFF THAN THE REST OF THE “ANIMAL KINGDOM!”

    emailed myself (I’ve no computer of my own, so…) a link of the transcript to E. Gilbert Ted Talk “Elusive Creative Genius.” Read a bit, don’t know if I’ll read more. She’s clever with word though, hmm?


    I’m out of that behavioral rehab and back home. Very happy to be coming to you from ethical stance rather than being devious and avoiding boredom position. Well, I’m still avoiding boredom.


    1. Yeah soul thingy seems to work since its function is sort of being sort of gadget sort of story.
      Not better off than the rest of the animals. Though once you have consciousness it would be really boreing going back to only basic animal simplicity. Talk about being bored.
      Oh so glad you got the transcript of that TED.
      Tge part about why we artists have been killing ourselves and what to do about it is especially brilliant.


    2. Comeing from an ethical stance…vs mitigating boredom stance. Still trying to understand this.
      Oh and I spent some time wondering how to share the gist of Your Elusive Creative Genius and l could not find justice.
      I’m really glad you are here Robert.


      1. In that behavioral rehab (name of it is Anka) there is posted a sign indicating that the patients there are permitted to use the available computer only for looking for work or looking for a place to live.
        So, my having used that computer for socializing was unethical. And necessary. GOD, what a boring useless place is Anka Behavioral Services.

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        1. I figure we have choices and get lost in the story. It’s playing hide and seek. The only animal who can forget who she is so she can then find herself again and again. It must be fun or we wouldn’t play it. What do you think?


      1. Been wondering about this Man is the only animal that refuses to be what he is. You and Camus got me wondering. It really wouldn’t be great if it were that simple. That would be boring. So I wrote Water Spirit to celebrate the other lives like the soul that are alive in humans and rivers alike seeing as to not refuse to be who we are is following the Tao the river. It didn’t get simpler.


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