8 thoughts on “Voyage

      1. Well, I think present science which I shall call Einsteinian is now false. I think it was true when the atom bomb was invented, but I think the state of the science called physics is now backwards and false.

        In relation to the above, I used to think I was a collection of molecules. Collection of atoms just bloody DETERMINED to replicate; to be fruitful and to multiply.

        Now I’m not so sure. I think I am god incarnate. But how will god go on a (pardon my English) fucking quest? Can’t happen. God knows everything. Nothing for which to missionquest, then.

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        1. Who knows.
          It’s as bs
          Yet I’m just going for whatever bs best helps me understand reality or try to any way.
          Since I tend to act and live by what I belive.
          Maybe we are the human avatars of our godselves pkaying high stakes virtual reality games.
          Whatever else it may mean and however illogical it is to be a god trapped atm in human form for the fun of it it means you matter and are precious and have choices. That’s a good way to be games into feeling then to act like live like.
          When I discover a better story I’ll change mine. ; )


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