Do You Think Contrast Is Needed Again?


Notice the lack of additional contrast?

I wonder what this lack of contrast says about the minds of woman in America. Do you?

Break the Pattern-Again

Please Catagorise US Presidents by Race and Gender







5 thoughts on “Do You Think Contrast Is Needed Again?

  1. I was thinking about a picture like this for a few weeks, and now, here it is! I have nothing against Bernie. He’ll get my vote if he wins the nomination. But, I’m a Hillary fan from way back – to her First Lady days, when she declared she wasn’t going to sit around and bake cookies. Gotta love it.

    But, I was thinking of a picture like this in terms of ‘progressive’. I realize ‘progressive’ is a political ideology, but I was thinking of it visually. There are a whole lot of old white guys, with one younger black man at the end of the row. Adding another old white man after the black man seems … in a visual sense, at least, to not be so progressive. Seeing a black man, then a woman seems to be progressively leading towards a much more diversified list of presidents.


    1. You have got a great eye John.
      The artist is
      Happiness was finding this illustration which you describe perfectly.
      Yes progressive.
      Illustration originally to celebrate Obama’s election.
      A woman after. Yes. Beautiful.
      Brilliant. Progressive.
      No cookies required


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