Walk The Line


Experienceing the line between reality and fiction tastes indescribable, feels reality bending.
Reality, sometimes fluid often pliable can be the original awsome, even creepy, depending on the cultural vocabulary of images you can reach for when you attempt to describe what the hell just happend, or didn’t, either way, to yourself.
The universe isn’t so dull, is it, that each experiancer, always gets the same “unimaginable” experiance, always clearly describable in no uncertain terms, predictable, always positive or always negative or always neutral?
The boring-est movie ever is just like that. Zero ratings is just like the way I notice expecting my reality to behave: bland, unsurprising, predicable, all done before then institutionalized in some Bible or other. The terms, the code rules my experience snuggles under, folds into and creates itself by must be wearing a mass uniform.
My expectations must be so I can pass the boring enough test,  sane enough test, scientific enough test, has it happened before enough test.
Then, if it happens to pass those tests, these ones will weed it out: The is it possible? imaginable? repeatable? duplicatable? Even the just credible tests I lay on myself cuz I sorta want to fit in turn my world pink and elephantine.
Does my world exsist?
Squishing this me into a tiny cell I give myself as a sanity challenge doesn’t only look weird.

Squashes brain, constricts heart, deflates lungs, feet and hands cramp and tingle, tucked in tight.

I am gonna fit in. I wanna live in the world.
To live in here, is to fit in here.

Toes can’t even wiggle.

Wooooot! I am sane!

That and love began to exist the precise instant science figured out how to prove it does.
Before that, it didn’t exsist.

Inner Beings Outer Beings  Artfully Sync

7 thoughts on “Walk The Line

      1. I fell off the edge, time after time after time – & eventually the bruises healed; & the people who came to jeer every time I fell, applauded when I flew. The madness was in their inconsistent reality, it was never in my efforts.

        Choice is everything, reality just depends on where you are looking from, not what you are looking at..


        1. “Inconsistent reality” I would like to hear more about this phenomena, since it seems to affect the core human story so deeply, and seems to be what molds meaning and deforms and forms careing.
          This and I am so intrigued by the rest of the bones of your story.
          It’s really great to get to trace the path and get the why of my admiration for your soul. I say soul, becouse it’s all I sorta get reflected in your words. Also becouse I met a half Jewish Masionic stranger on the plane to L A and when I asked him the difference between spirit and soul, he said spirit is that whatever that is life, soul is mind, heart and will.
          All these together. I notice they are growing, creating meaning relevance and story. Hearts change, will grows stronger and some minds thrill me.
          Yours does. But its more than just mind alone. That is boreing. Its the stuff that informs and shape it and grow and evolve together. Soul, I guess.
          So your words and comment are about soul. It interests me.
          I have used the word soul in this blogs title, yet I had not even a working definition of what it means. It was just the only word I could find to describe this intangible preciousness, this treasure I choose to invest in discovering and creating.
          Thank you for being a moving part of this passion Tim.


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