To Be Creepy-Unexpected

Out of Sync

urgency flashes
a storm of wonder
tripped angling twirls asunder
drank two into three
gives away four
has five more than just before
of six impossible things
un-suspecting me


3 thoughts on “To Be Creepy-Unexpected

    1. Gaby,

      That must be what it means then. The unimaginable reality attempting to cross the line from fiction into sorta melted into that puddle than didn’t drip out of my hands, so I stuck it here and added orphan idea art photos to it, and threw in the weekly photo challenge cuz I like a challenge, they are photos, and becouse they snuggled in.
      A lot of fun.
      Got me all the way into why I do this whole Waywardspirit gig, in the first place.
      Btw, the poem before called Franchesca’s, she wrote it. Nor did she let up on requesting I post it. She feels all like a vanquisher now.
      So it was that she brought me back here prepared unbeknownst to me with a picture I happened to take out when the first in a few months cuz I didn’t think I wanted to post from my phone while Computie is at the beauty parlor getting a new hard drive, and my expected laptop hasn’t materialized yet.
      Life is impossible freaken magic like this.
      Already started on that melting story, again.
      You will never guess what I have been doing the last three months of only morning pages writing.

      : o



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