Austin Local Flavor – Tourist Guide

Flavor is in relationship. Yummy people! Tasty things. Breathable feelings.

Flavor is a recipe.  Subtle spice, people salt, texture things, color mixed, just so original ingredients, design place flavor.

wpid-2012-02-07-08.40.16.jpg Need fuel for Spaceship Blastoff 12-12-12
Need fuel for Spaceship Blastoff 12-12-12
wpid-1349360794081.jpg Flexible  Boundaries-Waywardspirit
Flexible Boundaries
My Mustache
My Mustache
wpid-1348151449157.jpg Waywardspirit Made Perspective
Made Perspective

The usual staple ingredients are pretty much the same everywhere. It’s the details that delight you. The details of landscape, story, living things.

The flavor of a place.

Local flavor is song of people in their happy places, letting bees buzz.

I keep Austin weird. Enough of us do to cook Austin a creative wild dish for the world to taste once and want to stay.

wpid-1351895740573.jpg Relationship With Our Passed Perspective-Waywardspirit
Relationship With Our Passed

Places have unique flavor color weirdness. 

wpid-1347889819796.jpgSame with sideways people.

wpid-1351895582335.jpg Waywardspirit

Sideways traditions.

Writing Shoes-Waywardspirit
Writing Shoes

As weird as you really are.

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6 thoughts on “Austin Local Flavor – Tourist Guide

  1. and the aroma of the local flavor is a smell of -everything that is-you have a distinctive style for capturing my imagination and feeding it new flavors – from fuel for a blastoff- to a sideways perspective dressed up with someplace to go and no date to shoes that have stepped in words
    truly you are an armchair astronaut with your fingers on the keys to fanciful stories


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