ITNJ Writing Challenge-iEvil Mastermind

101_7 (1) Waywardspirit Art
Evil Mastermind

Why not just suck out all the money? Everyone is creepy oblivious. It’s simple, easy and just a mater of tweaks and time. The law is on my side. Besides it’s a big fun risky game of Monopoly. Not like there is anyone who can play against me. It’s boring when you don’t have a nemesis!

I turn evil and do LeClown wicked when I can’t take it like that anymore.

If I were a money mastermind, though, I would have to answer the question to myself, for myself.

Who or what would be my Lady Godiva?

Lady Godiva by John Collier, c. 1897, Herbert ...

ITNJs, two percent of the population? That’s it? We are rare awesomeness! Each with magnified unique gifts, too.

No wonder…on the grandiosity issues. How do you feel when you figure out you have this crazy super power? No one would believe this!…Till you show them like Steve and Warren and Aaron.

How the hell are we supposed to meet each other when we are so few and all hiding out with our extraordinary, opposite gifts?

fancy logo/writing for use in MBTI articles
fancy logo/writing for use in MBTI articles (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Oh, yeah, intuition and serendipity…Can you consciously count on destiny and “divine intervention” when you are totally logical? The two don’t mix here.

Must be why we are misfits, not-well-adjusted, misunderstood, gone evil, so often.

What does it take to intervene for would-be-evil-masterminds before our gifts rot from un-acknowledge, misuse, misdirect, too-avant-garde-reject?

Irresistible game, that money one. If I could see money-flow patterns like I  see other patterns, I would need to do something with it, like Warren does. I would need a Lady Godiva to help me answer my question about it, too.

If I can’t find an outlet for my genius, something that matters to serve, I will turn evil. I will play. Or I’ll just kill myself, like Aaron. Or kill other people, or systems. I am dangerous or a super hero. I am a mastermind.

What inspires me to help the 98% when I decide my goal?

I will play you my 98%. I will play you some way.

It’s not like I have a choice. It’s the game fire in my heart. I have to find it and keep it burning, like Mary Lou Retton said, or go mad.

My dad was an evil mastermind. I am a mastermind. It’s up to my environment whether I turn evil or serve daring greatly. I think it was sorta up to his, too. We all have a choice, yes. Dumb people make that choice lean pretty steep toward evil for a rejected superhero. The story and interpretation matters, too.

Either that or he was Lucifer’s immaculate conception. Makes me one-third daemon.

Thanks dad for the genes. Thanks everyone else who “knows” my dad is evil for the daemon part.

And if you don’t understand. You try on being Hitler’s kid for five minutes.

Who’s your daddy?

Adolph Hitler.


Really. Try it.

Ervil LeBaron
Ervil LeBaron (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Being Ervil LeBaron’s daughter, that’s what it fucking feels like. Well it did.  Till I realized: If he is Darth Vadar, I am Princess Leia. The probability of my turning evil greatly decreased with this story. Beware anyway.

Initial rough concept sketch of Princess Leia
Initial rough concept sketch of Princess Leia (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The funnest part of being Ervil LeBaron’s kid though, and no amount of explanation or Luke Skywalkering changes it, is that half of my brother’s and sisters are in prison, or mental hospitals. Did I mention evil?

Weird that those of us who are not institutionalized are rocking the world with awesome innovation, leadership, character, technology, art, emotional work, vulnerability, love and daring.

Except me. I’m the one who lost the rat race. Too introverted, intuitive, thinking judgement all to an autistic degree, and way to into stuff, way to far, way to long before it trends, to be useful.

So, I figure something is a little off in the system. I love the system and my family and people, yet we are all still off. You know, the usual. Everyone and everything is off. Off, sick, painful and lovable.

Just like our evil masterminds. Just like me.

I am the 98% to other evil masterminds.

So, Ninety-Eight Percent, we create our own leaders. We focus our own genius mastermind’s hearts.

Lets get better at it. Blaming whoever we give away our power to when shit happens or shit doesn’t is fishy and fail.

We masterminds are at your service.

Getting everyone out of messes like all the bad things going on in our world, piece of cake to us. Impossible to you.

wpid-1358108062051.jpg Waywardspirit, Gift-not given not received
Not Given Not received

We want and need understanding, respect and honor just like anyone else, no matter how much money power or whatever pattern we master. Serving thrills us like it thrills you. We value meaning like everyone else.

We will play.

Might as well charm us into playing with you, for you.

Or we will rot, die, or be charmed tricked or tempted into playing against you, or killing you. There are lots of ways.

When you need the one of us who is the Jaws Of Life, you don’t have her. You have imprisoned her and rusted your own precious tool.

wpid-1352567440191.jpg ITNJ Waywardspirit

Now, she can’t help you. You get to watch people explode, bleed to death.

Note: Society’s best mastermind tool X Men solutions are likely in prison or mental institutions, homeless, starving artists, or sliding there now.

The solution is always found inside the problem.

Yeah, I know. This topic is not trending yet.

It will.

You are ahead of the game now, weather 98% or 2%.

101_36 Waywardspirit Art Growth
Art Creates Value

Link to INTJ definition:

INTJs are one of the rarest of the sixteen personality types, and account for about 1–4% of the population.[2][3]

INTJ (introversionintuitionthinkingjudgment) is an abbreviation used in the publications of the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator(MBTI) to refer to one of the sixteen personality types.[1]

This article is about the Myers-Briggs personality type. For the Socionics INTj, see Logical Intuitive Introvert.


8 thoughts on “ITNJ Writing Challenge-iEvil Mastermind

    1. Oh, I like you.
      I think so too.
      We are so different, or suppressed it doesn’t always feel like it.
      Let’s do it.
      Everyone has superpowers.
      Expect it.
      We are all wonderful beyond imagining and start seeing and being.
      What we seek we find.
      Why seek evil?


  1. Hello Hitler’s daughter! “I will enable you — give my power away to you — then judge and blame you!” …. So there are two Princess Leias 🙂


    1. Salutations Leai!
      What are you wearing today?
      Does Jaba the Hut have you?
      Yep, gonna give my power away, asap. Judging and blaming is the bomb. Looking for someone to give it to as we speak. Do you know anyone who would do evil good?
      There are more,Leia’s but R2 hasn’t rescued some of the others yet.
      Do you think we can count on him and Luke?
      Or will it all be up to 3CP0?


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