Stranger than Fiction-Weekly Photo Challange

Stranger than fiction.

True of this tribe.

My tribe.

Now, we will get to make sweet bread! We hadn’t tasted it in months.

We just finished building that oven. We showcased ourselves, dirty hands and triumph, instead of showcasing it.  Round top peeps up in the back.


Our own wood-burning adobe plastered oven, like the pioneers-that we were.

Boy did that oven deliver!

That’s me up front with the light-colored flowered blouse, bowl haircut.

A perfect goal-oriented-working-day in my favorite blouse. Favorite, yes favorite with orange and yellow flowers. Plus, the sleeves aren’t to long or two short. They are medium size. Like me.

Totally didn’t expext my best bluse to never look good and feel favorite again after that perfect day.

That day, I didn’t have to do 20 People’s dishes-three times.

I could fly!

Hadn’t seen this picture in thirty years.

Then, last year, our long-lost, very lost, friend posted it on Facebook.

My Oven Tribe

Lots of stranger than fiction under the bridge since then!

Just saying.

6 thoughts on “Stranger than Fiction-Weekly Photo Challange

  1. The only true perfection is found in the perfect memory of a perfect day. There can be nothing better, it never ages, it never decays, it simply remains…… perfect.


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