I didn’t say it. I’m just laughing!

Rule of Stupid

Thanks RoS.

Well, hi everyone. It was awesome of RoS to invite me to guest blog. I’ve got about 3,500 blogs of my own, but Dad says I can’t tell anyone it’s really me. He’s totally uptight about that sort of thing.

I keep telling him the whole “proof denies faith” stuff is so old, but he doesn’t get it.

Anyway, I guess I should set a few things out, being as this is my one chance to be openly me.

Most people are gonna think that my other Blogs are those real fire-and-brimstone numbers, or the one’s which keep posting bits of scripture and stuff right? But they are so not.

See, if you know you exist it doesn’t make sense to argue with someone about it. If they don’t believe you, it’s okay, you just gotta shake your head and hope they get it some day.

I don’t…

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