15 thoughts on “Money

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    1. Your kindness has warmed my hart and stewed my feelings for months now ZazuMove.
      A response, a whole post to answer you, is slower than I thought.
      Thank you for you and your twins words….very insightful! You guys really hit the nail on the head. I’ll let you know when I get the response.
      Accepting Awards takes longer….
      Thanks for thinking of me. I’ll formally accept downstream….Smiling till I get there.
      Hugs for you and Wonder Twins from Pippi.


  2. This place because of you Carl D’Agostino, RuleofStupid, Rhino House, Sharmisha Batsu, Summerteifi, ZazuMove and all the fun bloggers who party here it’s a party. You are the life of it!
    You sure can dance!
    You dance with me.
    I fall in love…
    Money didn’t buy this.
    It helps. But it supports. It supports this.

    *Hugs blog and everyone in it*


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