Beautiful Blogger Award for Me!



The Beautiful Blogger Award



Thomas: “By the authority vested in me, I hereby nominate you, Waywardspirit for the Beautiful Blogger Award.”


You thought of me. This makes me feel good. Thanks. I’m proud to accept this distinguished award. This award distinguishes Thomas, and so he distinguishes me. Now I feel the distinguishment.


1. Copy the Beautiful Blogger Award logo and place it in your post.

2. Thank the person who nominated you and link back to their blog.

3. Tell 7 things about yourself.

4. Nominate 7 other fellow bloggers for their own Beautiful Blogger Award, and comment on their blogs to let them know.

About Me

1. I make the best guacamole this side of Mexico.

2. A big slice of the world’s population does not dig my sense of humor, and I think they are boring.

3. Most of my kid years I pretended not to know the answers in quiz games. As a grownup I often laugh alone.

4. I aspire to acquire a better enemy on WordPress. Le Clown sucks at it.

5. I can feel the feelings of people around me, and over distances, when we are connected.

6. My story used to scare me.  I have stopped being afraid.

7. I always think unimaginable things. Like I think that the un-justice systems in the world are such a joke that we will all laugh them out of existence, together. With this I mean even the sad, bored, disgusted, people who think they have no choice but to hold the system together will look at it, see the hilarity and laugh so hard they cry.  : D

Now I get to distinguish this these fellow Amazers!

*Waves wand*

Brandy Desiree Collins

Mind Blowing. Poems, even one for me. If you can swim with this mermaid, you may develop gills. Totally nominated!

  Bob Skelly     hittingthesweetspot

Brave fun daring adventures of the mind and heart story-telling guy. I was just waiting for the chance to tell everyone.


Walking around this site makes me smile, and the wind blow. I go for walks here all the time.


I just like her, that’s why.  : )

Allyson Mellone

She is that back and forth kind of keen wit and insight for you that weaves right into your substance and becomes you.

Pat Cegan

She will tell you! And you will like it…


Gonna hire this guy to do my graphics. God knows I need him. Since I haven’t yet, peek at my future look and dream with me.


Warms and freezes my heart when I go there. Last time, he ate all the chocolate and didn’t share. That was after he, well find out for yourself…


I re-think my life, like a new pair of shoes when I walk his way.



16 thoughts on “Beautiful Blogger Award for Me!

  1. Oh. My. Word. This is the nicest thing ever! Thankyou so so much! You are such a peach. To read those words about my blog takes my breath away. I am so glad you head over for a walk, I hope it can always bring you sunshine whatever the weather. And next time lets walk together, climb a mountain and have a picnic on the top and talk and laugh in the face of the worlds un-justice systems, and at our own lives too. I was so inspired to hear your story no longer scares you, thankyou for sharing. Basically I simply LOVE the way you write and always leaves me wanting more.
    I would offer to be that enemy you’re wanting on here, but I kinda like being friends.
    BIG love, rockstar. And thank you for making my day x x


    1. : D
      Wow who know this would be so richly rewarding!
      the sweetness of getting to say what I think about you, was all just perfect. What surpasses perfection?
      Well, this does!
      All open and strung and hung like Christmas.
      Then you turned on the lights!
      We can walk the trial of lights breathing fairy sparks. Heart so full I don’t need lunch. Melting absurd systems like Bogarts with every seeing laugh.
      *Looks below*
      Great company!


  2. Wonderful, wonderful!!

    Love seeing the further blog recommendations of yours!

    Points 5 and 6 reach all the way down and all the way up to the roots and the tips of my hair…. though I think I have to make no. my favourite!

    A joy!


  3. Tip 7 – Brilliant. I sometime think we’ll do this. Other times I’m amazed we don’t!
    EVERYONE moans about the way things are as if they had no power to change them! Money, ‘justice’ etc… it’s all a choice…
    Congrats fluffle-head on your award 😉


  4. I gander my way un tiptoed and merry towards a deepened sense of hunger, each and every time my eyes catch sight of your soul so alive and contagion has forcefulled its love all upon you while crazy my thoughts spin and wrapping around the purest and newest heck yes I have found. In you: a million-most lightyears of bliss. Giddy and merry. Hat’s off to ya sis.


  5. Way,

    You have shifted the winds of peace in my direction. I am filled with nothing but genuine gratitude!!

    My thanks to you!!


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