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Ready for some woo-woo (I”m afraid to let the world in general see this side of me). I just watched this. Shit like this is really really jumping out at me. Something beyond the bs we see all around us is stirring.
Sacred Geometry DNA changes 2012 Molecular Atom Consciousness
I can’t go get a job right now because … something is happening to me. A deep yearning that I did not consciously choose. Its pretty much all I think about and all I want. Some kind of woo woo cosmic awakening…please do not ask me to explain, because I cant. If I understood it, I wouldn’t be going thru this semi-crisis I am going thru right now.  I don’t want to fight (ie interview and compete for a job — competition btw, is obsolete! it assumes and continues the illusion of scarcity, and doing stuff for money instead…

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