Skating Through Limbo

Skating wonderfies little girls. That has not changed. But everything else has. I mean the little things that matter most. Like falling down. Like the rules we play by. Like limbo. Like the way the world feels, it’s texture.

The world first became fluid today, the world did, while we celebrated the equinox. We ended up celebrating it by pretending it was like Christmas, and we were Santa Clause. The reason that works, I was explaining to the skating expedition party of four, eight to eleven-year-olds, is because elves are nature spirits. And the gifts are dilivered with the seasons, four times a year. Nature and or elves are making what we need, and want. They have been working all season to make gifts. At the turn of the season, we put out our lists to be be checked twice. We get what w ask for by aligning with the changing energy, and allowing it to move our life, too. That it only takes one person to align with nature, and put in the list of what is needed for life to get better. This is what happens at Christmas too, I’m making this up as I go, because, in the case of Christ, one man delivered a great gift all at once to the whole world. So, can anyone, is what dawns on me. Whatever it is that we want and need for our world, we just align, ask, surrender it, and then, in the moment, like midnight at Christmas, all the homes in all the world get unique gifts that are all still the same. Didn’t you guys wonder, I find myself asking their curious smiles, how Santa reaches every home at exactly the same time all around the world?

They look at eachother. The litle one shakes her head, two nod, and shift in their seats, and say I know huh…That is all done by people working with nature to deliver them, energy gifts, like salvation and that. Whatever the Santa person cares about, and wants to be delivered is delivered. In Christ’s case, it was something special. The ancients calculated the exact moment of the equinox, and solstice, to catch the wave, and shift the gifts on it. So, we can too.

And we did. After that, the world I ware is made of softer, finer brighter fabric.

The rink was different than other times. Youngest didn’t know how to skate, yet. As I held her hand taking her around the rink, it occurred to me that she was going to fall-allot.

Well Punkin, you need to fall five good times before you will be able to skate.

She eagerly said okay! all exited. she was eager to fall, to start counting!

Celebrating the falls was the most laughing fun.

No, that one wasn’t a good fall. It was just your knees. Do you think that counts for your over all total?


I know right. Let’s get a really good fall in.

Laughing, every fall, she shouts out her number.

At five. Yay!

Now, every five falls after this, you just level up. You get better, and better, funner and funner.

She smiles with eagerness that doesn’t come from trying not to.

At the game of limbo, which she had never played. She thought it was a do-over video game.

She was never out. She didn’t quit. Weather she made it or not, she got back in line. She tried again.

The whistle blowing meant nothing to her. She kept playing, laughing, going under.

The best gifts have been delivered.

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