Still laughing!

That elusive pair of jeans

Some days, it is probably better not to share one’s thoughts.

As I sat daydreaming positively at my desk, I wondered how my search for truth was coming along.

I know, I’ll search for truth on Google!

This turns out to be the worst idea I have had all day: I get “about 57,300,000 results (0.07 seconds)”. Perhaps I need to refine my search?

Anyway, here is the screenshot:

This reminds me of how I used to search the internet for words in context when all that was available were 28 bps modems. Does anyone remember the days when you could only have one Internet page open at any one time? And how you could click on a link, go and make coffee and drink half of it before the page loaded? And then it was the wrong page?

Yes, children, this is all true.

So, let’s summarise page 1…

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