Are You of Weak Mind, American? Weekly Writing Challange Mail it In

I’m  figureing you are.

I know I am. That, and when we are really young we are especially weak-minded. As a matter of fact, kids are all of weak mind. Yeah, all kids are, including them Arabs, and all the other ancestry in our collective genetic melting pot.

There isn’t enough title space to list all the “other” races, and identities, though.

Yet, in each world culture, somehow, every weak-minded kid ends up with one of these, pre-packaged “identities”. Pretty much, she just puts it on, and wears its. It’s a permanent, unchallenged fashion. It’s also exclusive, and often, mutually exclusive, unalterably tied to wherever, and whenever, this kid happens to be living. The kid becomes just like everyone else around her. How weak-minded is that?

Why not become more like people from some other place? Why the copycat, unoriginal becoming?

If you live in Texas, like I do, now, that makes the Dallas Cowboys strong. If you live in Austin, yes, Austin, Longhorns rule. If you live to far North though, your view gets skewed, so Texas A&M football may cloud your judgement. Or if you are born into the wrong kinda family, like a Texas A&M family, you are in trouble. That is some unfortunate karma. Sorry for you. We stay away from them, when we can, politely. We know who to support. So do our kids.

By the time an American girl grows up, just like the little Arab girl, she knows for sure what is good, and what is sucky, and why. So, do the Pigmies, and so do the Philistines.

I have kids. They are of weak mind.

Two live in Mexico with their dad. We haven’t been together since they were toddlers.

One lives with me. Her dad barely even knows her.

My two daughters, with daddy in Mexico, they think I’m scary. The one with me? Well, I’m her best mommy. Their weak little minds created these images. Yet, I’m me-the same person.

I never really grew out of my little weak mind, you know. Supposedly, I’m all grown up, and yet, when I get this email… I never do figure out how to mail anything in for this Weekly Writing Challenge…

…What was I doing again?


Whatever it was, weak-minded me, stops. I open this email.

Right on target, there is some comment in there, referring to me, personally, as weak-minded. How prophetic is that?


Weak minded.

See that scary looking guy, yeah, that word again, that guy, right there in that middle YouTube video picture. See him? He is the balding guy in that miniscule dark picture, right there at the bottom of this bad photo of my inbox.

That guy there referred to in this report as the “Mormon Manson”; That’s my dad.

His name is Ervil LeBaron. No one has anything good to say about him. Lot’s of people have lots, and lots of bad things to say, though. I was born when he was on trial for having my uncle killed. Then, it got worse. He died, some prefer, he was killed, in prison when I was seven. But, then, after he died, the situation he helped create, got much, much worse.

But, it’s been a really long time now, and, yet people don’t stop talking about him. Somehow, it’s still relevant.

I wonder why?

That, and what does a weak-minded kid, like me, usually feel about her daddy?

The usual: He is awesome!

These guys in these vids, they don’t think so, though. In general, their wicked perspective isn’t to far off the story.

Shane Smith of Vise, did a fine job of framing and, telling the stories, His rug, “it really ties the room together”. I appreciate that.

Since this is what I write about sometimes, and it’s so much more, than these short, somewhat deranged videos I figured I’ll share them with you. Anyway, who isn’t deranged? Besides, some spun tails about my family have been so damn much worse. This guy, at least, like Sanjiv Bhattacharya, in his book, Secrets and Wives, on Polygamy in general, has pretty decent perspective for so mysterious a subject as my wayward subculture, its ancient faith, and my good old family. It’s a sad story.

I haven’t seen that last vid yet. But, there it is. Now, I’m going somewhere that is not a coffee shop. My head phones are lost, and I really want to hear this.


Part 1/7:

Part 2/7

Part 3/7

Part 4/7


10 thoughts on “Are You of Weak Mind, American? Weekly Writing Challange Mail it In

  1. Great blog, keep up the good work.

    I was looking around at a bunch of blogs and stumbled upon yours. I was scrolling down your front page when something caught my eye…I saw the words “Texas A&M” and stopped to see what you had said.

    As an Aggie, I actually thought your post was funny and I enjoyed it. I always love seeing the small/off-hand comments that Aggies and Longhorns will casually pass back and forth. As for your comment…fair enough! haha

    See you around, and keep up the good work.



    1. rofl
      You seem smart with a great sense of humor.

      I’m not an Aggie or anything, but my nieces moved from Mexico, as grade school kids, and found out that the first order to fitting in was to decide: Aggie or Longhorn? No gray area no.
      They are Longhorns. This revelry is lots more fun than the religious and the political, but really there is no difference, I’m thinking. lolz
      When I go to a game, rarely, I pick a side, get passionate, like a one night stand, so I can shout and, celebrate or lose with the losers.
      Fellowship better than church.
      Think of an Aggie joke for me. : )


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