Which Cricket?

My game-bound conscience is out of it’s mind.  It always has been. Does it have a mind? What is a conscience, and when did we start to have one? 

It might be a dictator. It may be a cricket. It may be both, and more, and less.

Our celebrated American freedom is about the protected privilege of acting according to the dictates of your own conscience. Or is it the freedom is about acting according to the dictates of your own cricket?

This cricket, she or he seems to chirp a different for everybody.  For some folks the cricket, is a feeling or a knowing. For others, intuition, the voice of god or an angel, a voice inside. Often, the voice is a still small voice, yet, sometimes it shouts, echoing in inner space. For others or at other times, it’s an urge, or a heart flutter, a warning, boring guilt, anticipation of guilt, red flags, or the sharpness of the edge. It could be regret. What kind of cricket is this?

I don’t implicitly trust this Cricket Dictator anymore.

Let your conscience be your guide? I don’t think so.

Did this guy tell our beloved forefathers that the unfenced land in the new world was already taken? No, it dictated manifest destiny. Did it warn the pious praying Jews to flee Hitler, or holy Christian Germans, and the rest of the consenting world, that a holocaust was definitely a bad idea? Or were we all just not listening?

It’s hard to imagine a whole nation, that can’t figure out the difference between right and wrong, until you remember our own conscience didn’t cover slavery back in the day.

Now it does. Did our conscience need an upgrade?

The conscience cricket seems more like an -antivirus. An antivirus only covers known viruses, after it’s been programed to. It won’t help you out against being a holocauster, or owning slaves, or chopping down sacred trees, until it’s programmed to protect you from committing these violations.

For example, if you were an evangelizer, and you pass up an opportunity to save a soul, and you know that soul will go to hell, your conscience will itch, just as if you had cheated. But if you were a shop keeper some tourist towns in Mexico, or doing buyers beware business, under some law, making out on a good cheat feels rewarding. Cheating is the thing to do, a way of life. The cricket has nothing to say about that.

Or did your conscience give up?

More likely, a conscience is a consciousness, of the rules you are playing by.

Every creation myth seems to come with completely different rules. There are lots of different ones in our world.

What game are you playing in your life?

What are the rules?

That is your conscience. That is your consciousness.

What do you think we are racking up Carma over, and yet totally innocent about?



What do you think?

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