It’s cool what we get to think while no one is looking.

Size of Life

“I bet you’re a really good liar.”

A back-handed compliment if ever I heard one. Someone said this to me not long ago, in the middle of a fiction workshop. During the break between one hour and the next, I walked back into the room with my cardboard cappuccino to find my classmates discussing my lying capabilities. Bending the truth doesn’t seem like something we should ever be proud of; most of us grow up being taught the exact opposite. However, since this group of people are all in the business of telling tales, I couldn’t help but feel a little bit pleased with their judgement.

I recently started thinking about dishonesty and the significant power that a really good liar has at their disposal because of a Secret Cinema screening I attended.

Secret Cinema is a wonderful project which screens films in themed environments. From my seat in the…

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